I love coming up with creative Easter Basket Ideas and making fun Easter baskets every year! Easter baskets can be more than just candy and plastic eggs. You can really get creative with them using themes, thinking of things your kids need, or inspiration from a recent or upcoming trip. The possibilities are endless! I also love to think outside the basket (see what I did there?) and fill things other than baskets! See more of those ideas below!

Below is a compilation of all my fun ideas for Easter baskets that I’ve shared over time. I hope you get inspired by some ideas you love! Happy Easter basket-making to you!

10 Awesome Easter Basket Ideas

1. Shark Themed Easter Basket

easter basket ideas

A shark themed Easter basket is great for little boys and little girls! This Easter basket idea was inspired by my 7 year old nephew and a trip to the Florida Aquarium. If your little one is a shark or ocean animal lover, this Easter basket might be perfect!  

The “basket” I used for this theme is great to repurpose as a toy or book bin! To go along with the shark theme, I added water toys, a shark hooded towel, and even a music-playing bubble maker. This Easter basket is the perfect fun in the sun basket to open the Spring season!

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2. Giant Golden Egg Easter Basket

giant egg easter basket ideas

If you’re tired of the same old wicker baskets for Easter, this is a great way to break away from that tradition with something your kids can reuse. 

These easter eggs are so cute and fun to fill and your kids will love refilling them later with all sorts of other toys. I filled this one with some spring themed goodies like sandals, beach toys, Easter toys, and Easter treats like peeps! I also chose a swimsuit for each of my daughters according to their favorite things!

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3. Gardening Themed Easter Basket

girls easter basket ideas

These little girl Easter basket ideas scream Spring time. That is kind of my go to theme with my girls for Easter since it tends to mark the time of year we start getting out in the sun and having lots of fun. I love using items other than baskets to fill all the items in. Here I used these adorable rain boots and I love that it doesn’t only look cute but it’s versatile too.

This garden theme was so much fun to put together! I included a gardening tool kit, tiny little planter pots, and some treats too!

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4. Unicorn Easter Basket Ideas

unicorn easter basket ideas

If your girls are a fan of unicorns like mine, they will love these Easter basket ideas! It’s so fun to do a different theme for Easter baskets every year or at least now and then!

Unicorn themed gifts are so easy to find! In this basket, I included a cute sequin unicorn pillow, unicorn themed books, an adorable t-shirt and shoes, and more!

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5. Beached Themed Easter Basket for Girls

beach themed easter basket ideas

If you live near the beach or you’re planning a beach vacation this summer, a beach themed Easter basket would be so exciting for your kids! These ideas are for girls but you could easily get plenty of inspiration for boys from this post as well!

This is a really easy basket to put together because beach and summer themed items are plentiful! I included a fun bubble machine, a swim suit, beach towel, floaties, and more!

Click here to see how I assembled it!

6. Girls Easter Basket Fillers

girls easter basket fillers

Sometimes it’s hard to be creative and find new things to fill up those Easter baskets with. This post for girls’ Easter basket fillers will spur your creativity, even for boys!

You can use so many different cute little items and tasty treats to fill up an Easter basket! Some examples in this post are hair clips, stamp markers, bath bombs, a bracelet, and Easter themed sweet treats!

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7. Budget Friendly Easter Basket for Girls

budget friendly easter basket ideas

Easter baskets can quickly get out of control when you add it all up! And if you have more than one kid, it can’t add up to too much really fast! If you’re looking for some budget friendly ideas, check out this post!

I used items like side walk chalk, color books, stickers and small toys to fill up an Easter basket on a budget!

Click here to get even more ideas for the Easter baskets on a budget!

8. Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

baby easter basket ideas

These Easter basket ideas for babies are just so sweet! If you’re making your first Easter basket for your baby, you have to check out what I put together here!

I added things like toys, stuffed animals, teethers, and books! A cute little Spring outfit is perfect for this basket too!

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9. Unique Easter Basket Ideas

giant golden egg easter baskets

If you’re ready for change and you just want to do something different than the same old thing this year, I wrote a whole blog post about alternative Easter basket ideas and unique ways you can display your kid’s gifts. This post has some super fun ideas!

I’ve got some great ideas for little boys, babies, and toddlers in this post! Plus ideas for older kids and an edible Easter basket!

Click here to get even more ideas for unique Easter baskets!

10. Spring Themed Easter Basket for Little Girls

girls easter basket ideas

Check out this post for even more sweet ideas for little girls! I was really feeling the Spring theme with this one! 

Sidewalk chalk, rainboots, umbrellas and more! Spring is in the air and these adorable Easter basket items are screaming let’s go outside!

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No matter how you choose to fill your Easter baskets, your kids are sure to be delighted. If you’re looking for something special, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Have fun creating your own unique Easter baskets, and above all else, I hope you enjoy the holiday with your family!

If you used these ideas to build your own uniquely fun Easter basket, post it in the comments below. I love to see what you guys come up with.  You can also post it on TikTok or Instagram and tag me in it. It makes me so happy to see what I helped you all create.

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