Here I am, two weeks to go, and ready to meet this little girl. Wow, this pregnancy was a tough one. Hell, all pregnancies are, but I’ve learned a few things along the way that have helped make it a bit easier. I am passing on my little tips with hopes that your third trimester will be a breeze. Here are some of my third trimester essentials. I hope this will help you get through your home stretch.
If you are thinking about what’s ahead I have a really informative post on what helped me when breastfeeding. Be sure to check that out.
Third Trimester essentials

Third Trimester Essentials

1. Date night – Lots of them! Seriously your sanity depends on it. Pick somewhere super foodie too, you might not be able to drink but you sure can indulge in some delicious dishes. Once you have a newborn on your hands you might be confined to the house for a while so take this opportunity to get a sitter and get out with your Hunny. Indulge, you deserve it! 

papaya mint a third trimester essential

2. Papaya Enzyme

I’ve had horrible heartburn all three pregnancies and this pregnancy has been much more intense. It keeps me up at night and some nights I can’t even sit I am so uncomfortable. My midwife suggested papaya enzyme as a natural alternative to TUMS and I have to say I really love it. I take them in mint form, they taste great and I don’t feel guilty if I have to pop more than a few at a time. You can find them at most health food stores or here.

I’ve also found that having an apple after dinner helps so much, sometimes even two. Some nights I had zero heartburn, which never happens.

3. Get a Mani/Pedi

Another one of those things that you really won’t have time for when the baby comes so treat yourself a little. Plus you might be noticing your ankles really don’t look like they used to. A nice little massage will help you feel like a million bucks! This has now become a tradition for Scott and I, he takes me out to lunch and to the salon right before I’m about to pop. Let me tell you, its heavenly.

belly band

4. Blanqi Built-In Maternity Support Belly Band and Leggings

So why did it take me so long to find this wonderful bellyband? I was having some lower back pain from my growing belly and picking up the girls. During my search, I came across Blanqi. They have some wonderful products including leggings and tanks and when I saw the BellyBand I knew it was perfect for what I needed. After wearing it for just one day I noticed a big difference. I love that I will even be able to wear it postpartum, just by turning it around. This BellyBand was so comfortable, didn’t roll up like other brands I’ve tried and really was a lifesaver for my back! I would highly suggest picking one up, you can order yours here.

5. Naps

Self-explanatory, right?!?! Use this opportunity to soak in as much sleep as you can. Nap when your kid’s nap. Tell your hubby you need to sleep in on the weekends. Whatever it takes, just get more sleep. Your body will be good to you when you sneak in those extra ZZZ’s. My favorite thing is to run my diffuser with my favorite calming essential oil when I nap. I also pick out the comfiest nightgown and cuddle up with my body pillow!

6. Dry Shampoo

Pregnant, tired and so not wanting to shower… enough said. Dry Shampoo will save your life. Oh and stock up because once you have a newborn that shower is definitely not going to happen. This one is on my wish list, I can’t wait to try it. My go-to is this one, it’s kind of pricey but so worth it.

7. Shipt Grocery Delivery

I just attempted a Trader Joes run 37 weeks pregnant with two rambunctious toddlers. Ya, that is not going to happen again. Let’s just say Trader Joe’s employees were jumping to help, I think they felt bad for me. So a friend suggested I try grocery delivery and I have to say this is the best idea ever. It is so easy to use, really convenient and I think a great price for the value it offers. Plus when the baby is here I know I won’t be leaving the house with 3 kids to go to the grocery store for a long, long, long, time. I use SHIPT, click here to enroll. You will get $10 in free groceries and two weeks free and so will I, double win!

third trimester essentials

8. A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting

Are your older children getting anxious to meet their little siblings? We love this interactive book and it helps your older kids bond with baby. Not only does this make your third trimester easier but hopefully the transition to bringing a new baby home. You can buy it here

9. Rethink Your Undergarments

Forget those skimpy thongs and lace bras. This is the time for comfort. Don’t feel guilty about grabbing those granny panties as you walk by the target lingerie section, trust me you will thank me later. You are growing a human and your body is growing too so be comfortable no matter what it takes. Have a bra you love and don’t want to give up? Try those bra extenders, that way you can wear it longer into your pregnancy. You will find me in big undies and sports bras 90% of the time, no shame in my game. Also, think about getting a new robe. I loved just grabbing my cute robe to wear around the house and I even continued to wear it after the baby was born with my other two girls. This set is the cutest print and has a matching outfit for baby


10. A refillable water bottle 

I’m sure your Doctor or Midwife keeps telling you to stay hydrated during your third trimester and they are 100% right. My thirst drives me crazy so I don’t have a choice but drink constantly. I love coconut water and how it helps me stay hydrated and I also love adding fruits to my water to mix it up a bit. Isn’t it more fun to drink water when you are drinking from a cute cup? I love these water bottles from The Fancy Cup. 
I asked my Facebook friends for their input and they came up with some great suggestions:
– Yoga
– Prenatal Massages
– Swimming
– Keeping busy with work, puzzles or whatever you can to pass the time
– Calcium Magnesium – helps with digestion, mood balancing and muscle cramps
Essential oils – Find my favorite kind HERE
– Body pillows
– Chiropractor
– Long baths
– A good recliner
– Prayer
– Omega 3’s to help with postpartum depression
– And to remind yourself “You will not be pregnant forever” especially for you ladies who are past your guess date.
Thanks to all the ladies who gave suggestions.
I would love to hear what you think? Leave us a comment letting us know your best third trimester advice.
*** My beautiful maternity photo is by the talented Alison Winterroth Photography – click here to visit her page for more info***
Third Trimester essentials