Taking Your Kids To A Concert

My family and I are challenging ourselves to take 22 adventures this year. Adventure number 4 was one I never expected to happen. My girls absolutely love Jojo Siwa, so when we got the opportunity for us to see her in concert, I knew we had to go. As I always do, I heavily research and plan before any event or vacation. Even for ones that are closer to home. I always want to make sure that we get the best experience out of every adventure we take. In this case, that included taking the girls to their very first concert. Because I want everyone to be able to enjoy our experiences and maximize the fun, I put together a list of 10 tips for taking your kids to a concert.

1) Have a plan if you get separated 

Taking your kids into such a big crowd can be scary! You can spend the entire time worrying and stressing about keeping them in sight. Forget about enjoying yourself at the concert. Having a plan can really help. If you create a solid plan for if anyone were to get separated, this should alleviate some stress. Planning ahead for the worst, is one of the best ways to stay calm and have a positive result. You will probably still panic a little when you can’t find someone, but you should be able to find them quicker and keep them from getting into harm’s way. A great way to do this is to pick a spot out when you first get there and tell your kids that this is the safe spot. You may also tell them to find an attendant and stay put. Whatever is best for your family, stick to it and make the kids a part of the plan. 

2) Budget for purchases while there 

I would plan to eat before you go to a concert with your kids, but let’s be real here…kids get hungry no matter! No one wants their kids getting hangry at a concert so be sure to bring lots of snacks. Now every concert venue is different, and some do not allow bags, so do your research.  If you are allowed, then be sure to fill that thing up with lots of snacks. This is the secret to a any successful outing with kids. In the event you aren’t able to bring anything in, be sure to budget accordingly. Also, don’t forget the water. You are going to be dancing, singing, and screaming. With all that fun, you are going to work up a thirst, and your kids are going to want something to drink. 

3) Bathroom breaks 

We’ve talked about your kids wanting a snack and some water… and what almost always comes after that? Yes! A bathroom break. I know your kids don’t want to miss any of the concert, but it is pretty inevitable. My advice here is to take a bathroom break before intermission and any other longer breaks in the show. You may feel like a pest to your seat neighbors, but the lines get long during the break, and you do not want an accident in the bathroom line. 

4) Bring ear protection 

Concerts can be loud, and it may come as a surprise to your kids just how loud it can be. When the speakers are turned up and everyone is singing along and screaming…so much screaming, you may need to suppress it. Younger kids and highly sensitive children can react differently to this type of noise. I suggest bringing some ear protection, like the Pluggies or  Muffy’s and Muffy Baby.  They will still be able to hear everything and will be much more comfortable. 

Pluggies for Kids at ConcertMuffy for Kids at a ConcertMuffy Baby for Kids at Concert

5) Glow Sticks 

Concerts are like many large events, as they rarely start on time. Bringing something fun like glow sticks along to keep your kids occupied while they wait is such a great idea. They will be able to play with them during the concert as well, and it makes the concert experience even more fun!  Glow sticks are also super easy to spot in a dark crowd, so also helpful finding your party. This will help everyone stick together and can also play into your separation planning.

6) Know your kids limits 

Nobody knows your kids better than you do. You know when your kids have had enough. Keeping an eye on their demeanor and checking with them often can help avoid a massive meltdown later on. If you go in with the idea that you may need to leave the concert early, you will be more prepared. Know that it is completely ok if you have to leave early. They will still have had a memorable experience and lots of fun and leave on a good note. You never want to push your kids past their limits and turn a great time into a bad experience.

7) Don’t overbook your day  

Concerts typically start late and end late, sometimes until almost 11pm! I don’t think I can talk about this enough. I am all about having itineraries for all of my events, even smaller ones close to home. On days that we have a big event, especially at a later time, I make sure to plan accordingly. Trying to schedule lots of downtime in the day is key. When you do have outdoor activity time, keep it short and make sure to rest for even longer. Make sure that they eat lots of high energy foods and get them lots of water on those days really helps too. The main thing here is just making sure that you do not overbook the day.

8) Arrive Early 

The security lines to get into a concert can get really long, so do your best to arrive early. Bring something like the glow sticks mentioned earlier, that is able to entertain your kids while you wait in line. Having only one of you with a bag can help as well, so you can send the kids through with another adult without bags to speed up the wait time for them. Also, playing games in line can really pass the time. Eye Spy is a good one to play, as nothing is required but a fun new place for the kids to look around and enjoy. 

JoJo Concert with Kids

9) Know what you’re getting into, Prepare your kids  

If you’ve been before, then you know what a concert is all about. Most children really don’t know what to expect. The experience of a concert can be overwhelming, even for an adult. Prepare your kids. Explain what they can expect to happen in advance. Let them know that it will be very loud, and it can get crazy, but they are going to have so much fun and it will be something they will remember forever. Listen to the music before going to the concert. Get them excited for the event!

10) Enjoy yourself 

Yes, all of these tips are so important and vital to making the most of your kids’ first concert experience, but if you’re stressed out and worrying the whole time, how much fun are you really going to have? You’ve planned and prepared for this, so you can enjoy yourself as well. If you do most of the things that I have outlined here, then you are ready! Relax, and enjoy this fun new experience through your kids’ eyes. Have some fun!

What if this isn’t a kid focused concert? 

  • Consider researching the artist beforehand. Is this singer known for kid friendly music? Are your kids going to know who they are?  Are the words to their song a good message? During JoJo Siwa my girls were singing and dancing the entire time, because the message was positive and the artist was kid-friendly.
  • Choose the seats carefully. If this is going to be a louder than normal concert, you may want to sit in the back so that you aren’t exposed to as much of the crazy crowd. If your show is kid friendly and you’re able to sit close enough for them to get a great experience you should. We got to sit close, the girls got such a great view of Jojo performing. 
  • Think of the show time. Even kids concerts end super late, past normal bed time. More adult concerts tend to end even later. Even at times past midnight. We all know what happens when kids are over tired. Almost worse than when they were hangry earlier. 
  • I also learned so much from attending this concert. Jojo is such a great performer. What I never expected was to learn just how great of a role model she really is for our girls, and even me! One of the lyrics she sang was “you believe it, you achieve it”, and I felt so much happiness that my girls are able to grow up with such amazing role models that teach them to follow their dreams and love themselves in the process. Her songs are so full of love,  inclusion and positivity and they resonated so much with my girls and myself. We had such an amazing time.

I hope you have learned a few things from our first experience at a concert with our 3 girls. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. Everyone is able to have a fun time if you just prepare for it. I really wish your next concert with your kids is extra special!

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