Learning from home doesn’t have to be boring. I am constantly looking to find engaging and fun ways for my girls to learn. Bonus points if those activities involve going outside and burning off some energy. Sidewalk walk chalk is an inexpensive item that we almost always have on hand. So I thought why not use sidewalk chalk to learn. Here are 10 ways to learn with sidewalk chalk.

10 ways to learn with sidewalk chalk

1. Hopscotch math – write math problems in the blocks and they have to solve it before they move on to the next. Use a timer to make it more challenging.

hopscotch math - learning with sidewalk chalk

2. Sight word twister – write sight words in circles on the driveway and call out sight words, the side of the body and if they need to use a hand or foot. I don’t even use a spinner, just call out what I think will work. Watch your kids learn and laugh!

3. Upper and Lower Case match – Hazel is learning the difference between an upper case and a lower case. I write all the lowercase in one line and upper case in another. I make the two-line across from each other but switch up the order of the letters. I then ask Hazel to draw a line from the upper to the matching lower! She loves this game!

4. Number match – Just like the letters above I play the same game with numbers. I use the number 3 and then on the other line I draw 3 dots. In both games, I try to make the list as big as I can. It makes it a bit more challenging and Hazel has fun drawing really long lines.

5. Sidewalk obstacle course – gross motor skills are so important… and so is getting energy out when you can’t leave your house. Plus it teaches kids to follow instructions!

sidewalk obstacle course

6. Counting maze – Write out numbers (1-10 for younger, multiples of 2 or 5 for older) and have them follow the path. I put “wrong” numbers in there to mix them up. They really get a kick out of this one and making it all the way to the end. You can also bring in a timer.

7. Nature color hunt – I use sidewalk chalk to color squares on the ground and ask my kids to find items in our yard to match those items. When they find it they then place it on the square!

8. Hangman – we love playing hangman with my older girls and the sidewalk is the perfect place to do it.

9. Sight word tracing– write out their sight words or spelling list and have them trace it with a paintbrush and water. Adapt this to spelling their name, letter recognition, etc.

sight word tracing - learning with sidewalk chalk

10. Human body – my girls lie on the ground and trace an outline of their body. Then we pull out our anatomy books and start naming as many parts as we can. This can be simple or complex depending on the age.

Here are some of my favorite chalk accessories: 

There you have it, 10 easy learning activities you can do with basically no prep at all. You can enjoy the outdoors and learn with play!

educational activities to do with sidewalk chalk - outdoor activities

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10 ways to learn with sidewalk chalk

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