This year for Christmas I got an Apple Watch from my husband. My initial reaction was “yippie” and then I quickly realized I knew nothing about this techie device. My husband loves his watch and I know there are a ton of cool features but could this really make mom life easier? I asked my amazing community on Instagram for help. Here are 20 Apple Watch tips for moms.


20 Apple Watch Tips for Mom

1. You can find your phone

This was by far the most popular tip shared. I am forever losing my phone ( or a kid running off with it) so it’s nice to know I can easily find it with my watch. If you tap the button it will ding but I also learned that if you hold the button down it will actually flash the light which could come in handy if you are in a loud area or outside.

How to do it: Just swipe up from the main home screen and hit the phone button and your phone will ding.


2. You don’t have to have your phone on you at all times.

I am definitely guilty of checking a notification and then being sucked into something else for the next 20 minutes. Knowing I can quickly check notifications from my watch definitely helps. This is going to help me be more present and hopefully more productive.

Tip: Don’t turn on all notifications otherwise you will spend all day looking at your wrist. 


3. Use it as a camera shutter button

We always complain as moms we aren’t in enough pictures so this can help. Set your phone up on a tripod or just leaning against some books and use your watch to snap a picture. You can even get a preview of the shot on your watch.

How to do it: Look for the camera app and just open


4. Reminders

I don’t really use Siri on my phone much but I have been using it a ton since I got the watch. I just lift my wrist and ask Siri to set a reminder or add an item to my shopping list. I can have my hands completely dirty and still do this with my phone nowhere in sight.


5. Texts

I am horrible at answering my texts but with talk to text on my watch, I can quickly answer back. 

Did you know you can also use an autoreply? You can customize them in your watch app too!


6. Calls

Even though I don’t prefer to answer calls on my watch I do like I have this option if I need it. You don’t even need the cellular plan to do this as long as your phone is in close proximity. My phone has been on the charger upstairs and I have been able to answer calls downstairs. It’s pretty cool.


7. Timer

Using a timer has never been easier. I use it all day, for homeschool or cooking, and now I can just ask Siri to do it with a flick of the wrist.


8. Toddler Mode

If you have your kids with you or you are holding a baby you can actually lock the screen so they don’t start touching and playing with your Apple Watch.

How to do it: Just swipe up from the home screen and hit the little water bubble. This is meant for underwater use but it works great for when my littles are on my lap.


9. Remote

You can use your watch to control your apple tv and other smart devices. You can use it to go to the next song playing on your phone, or even skip the YouTube video your kids are watching on your phone. 


10. Activity Monitor

So many of you said you love the motivation the rings provide. I have noticed in just a week that I have liked it too. I like stand-up reminders, especially during work time.


11. Fitness

I am able to connect my Apple Watch to my Peloton and it tracks my heart rate during workouts. I also have my scale and health app on my phone connected so it can really help me work towards my fitness goals this year. Did you know you can actually connect to friends and family to compete with them as well?


12. Navigation

Do you use your phone for GPS as much as I do? I noticed that it was notifying my wrist each time I had to turn on my last drive. This is great for trying to prevent looking at your phone while driving.


13. Flashlight

Is it dark and you can’t find your phone or a real flashlight? Use the flashlight on your watch. 

How to do it: Swipe up from the home screen and look for the flashlight


14. ApplePay

When I went to Starbucks and paid with my watch the first time I was in awe!! Can you imagine those busy target trips when you have a baby in one arm and a diaper bag in the other?? This could be a huge lifesaver for a busy mom on the go.


15. Calendar

Sync your calendar so that you can see your daily agenda and your week at a glance, hands free. Also has alerts.

16. Track your sleep

Sleep tracker monitors your bedtime patterns and analyzes your sleep to help you get the best rest. It measures heart rate, detects sounds and offers sleep notes on how certain weather and events effect your sleep quality. Very cool!

17. Customize

Mommas love pictures of their babies, so I set up my watch face to show my favorite album of the girls. You can also choose from many free watch backgrounds, like Minnie Mouse and Disney’s Toy Story.


18. Cycle Tracking

Are you trying to conceive? I meticulously tracked my cycle when I was trying to get pregnant and this watch would have helped me so much.


19. Bedtime

Not only can you use apps to track how well you sleep, but you can use sleep reminders to keep you on track for getting to bed. This works great for me, so that I am not up too late watching my favorite Netflix shows.


20. Fall detection

If your watch notices a hard fall while at home or on a run, it will alert your emergency contacts immediately. Great feature for those home alone or with young children only.


apple watch tips for moms

Which Apple Watch did I choose?

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I did not get a cellular watch. I don’t often go without my phone and didn’t think ti was necessary. I love that when I am around my phone I can still answer calls.

What are some of your favorite Apple Watch tips?


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