Independence Day is around the corner and if you have been around for a while you know that every holiday is an opportunity to change up my bookshelf. I love to use picture books to teach my kids. Anything from understanding diversity to learning about outer space has lived on our shelf. This time I put together a list of my favorite Fourth of July books for kids.

It was important to me that this list have simple stories for my youngest and also more history for my older two. I also wanted to make sure I included diverse characters since there were so many different people that made our country what it is today. 

This list includes everything from the first president to the statue of liberty. I hope you enjoy them as much as our family does.


Fourth of July books for kids

23 Fourth of July Books For Kids

  1. A is for America
  2. Fourth of July
  3. This little president
  4. I am George Washington
  5. Parade Colors
  6. We Are The Change
  7. All Aboard National Parks
  8. What Can A Citizen Do?
  9. Don’t know much about the 50 States
  10. Wimberly’s Ice Cream Star
  11. We The People
  12. National Parks of the USA
  13. F is for Flag
  14. I Dissent
  15. Abraham Lincoln
  16. I spy the 50 states
  17. Grace For President
  18. The Story of the Statue Of Liberty
  19. Americanly
  20. Her Right Foot
  21. American Trailblazers
  22. Oh say can you see
  23. Wonders of the USA


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I hope this list is helpful. I have a passion for children’s books and making this list of Fourth of July books for kids was so much fun. I hope to create a youtube video showing all of these books in more depth very soon.

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