We all know how this goes. We buy these adorable baby books with the best of intentions. With our first baby we take every free moment to fill in every adorable coo and recollect every poopie diaper. The second baby comes around and those moments are far less documented. I feel accomplished if I get a first word in there or at least the approximate month that she cut her first tooth, but heck that could even be wrong. Now that I am on baby number 3 I am just impressed that I had enough time to pick out a baby book let alone be overly optimistic that I will write anything in it. I am on a mission to make this statistic a false reality.

I recently came across the most amazing online children’s shop,Cute As A Button Baby Boutique. There I was able to find so many of the items that “experienced” moms are looking for. Kayti, the owner, has curated some of the best baby items so you don’t have to stress looking for the best option for your bundle of joy. As I was browsing and creating my BabyList, I came across the most adorable Baby Book. ThisLittle Artist Baby’s First Year Memory Bookis one of the most beautiful and sophisticated baby books I have seen. If you are looking for something simple and beautiful, this is the baby book for you. Did i mention that when you order fromCute As A Button Baby Boutiqueyou don’t pay tax or shipping!? Double win!

So now that I have found the most perfect baby book for my little Hazel, I am committed to keeping up with it and making sure she has memories to look back on down the road.
Here are some tips I have used to help make documenting a baby book so much easier.
1. Don’t procrastinate – I know what you are thinking, easier said than done, right?!?! If you take a few minutes once a week to jot your notes in your book your memories will be fresh and easier to remember. Hey we all spend nap time looking back at pictures of our little ones anyway so go ahead and grab the baby book and relive those wonderful moments of the past week. It will even make it easier if you commit the same time every week. Grab your cup of coffee (or wine, depending on what kind of day you are having) and sit down with your book for your trip down memory lane.
2. Use technology – Utilize your smartphones and social media to keep track of these special moments. I post so much that why wouldn’t I use this amazing resource to keep track of my little girls special moments?! With Edith I would jot these little moments in the NOTES section of my phone. It was so much easier, I could update her stats while on the go. Maybe I snapped a picture of her first taste of avocado or her first road trip to Grandmas. I’m using my smartphone to help me remember those unforgettable moments and when I get a chance I flip through my camera roll and scroll my notes to put those adorable moments into words. Another idea is to email yourself when something great happens when you aren’t home. That way you get a fool proof reminder right there in your inbox
3. Put the book somewhere you will see it – The more likely you are to see the book everyday the more likely you are to just grab it off the shelf and get a few notes in it. I’ve placed my book on the shelf in my girls playroom. We are in there everyday and I see it every time I walk in. Just a simple reminder to keep me out of my procrastinating ways.

4. Prep the book before baby gets here – Some parts of the book can be done in advance like the family tree and current events. Fill those out now then you won’t have to worry about them later.

5. Pick a book that makes it easy – I love thisSimple Baby Book from Lucy Darling. The illustrations are beautiful and simple and it gives me all the guidelines I need to make sure every special moment is there to look back on. You can pick up your Baby Book atCute As A Button Baby Boutique,The Little Artist orLittle Animalversion are both available.
I hope these tips help when it comes time to welcome your little one into the world. Having a baby book is a special memory that I am sure you will look back on and cherish. Hopefully now all my procrastinating is behind me and Hazel is sure to have a book filled with wonderful memories.
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