So in keeping with our tradition of family costumes, this year we decided on The Neverland Family Halloween Costume. I will say, I was really excited about this family costume idea as it had some really fun characters to create (hello husband in a giant croc suit). This year, we had so much fun creating our Neverland family from Neverland and I cant wait to show you how.

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Captain Hook the Neverland Pirate Costume

I really loved wearing this costume. Maybe it’s because we really like being pirates around here or maybe it’s because I really loved this movie growing up. Either way, putting this one together was really fun for me and seemed very easy. I ordered a Renaissance pirate shirt and the jacket from Amazon. The hat we already had, but I added some feathery flair from a craft store. I wore some black leggings and some old black lace up boots and I was off to Neverland.


Tick-Tock the Crocodile Costume

This costume was really fun, maybe not so much for my husband. I thought it was adorable and it really stood out, but this Halloween was a hot one and Mr. Crocodile was sweating all night. The costume itself also came straight from Amazon, but was a perfect fit and made the girls laugh for most of our evening. Well worth the discomfort!! Ha


Tinker Bell in Neverland Costume

This was a dream come true for my oldest this Halloween. Peter Pan is one of her absolute favorite movies and of course Tinker Bell is her favorite fairy. We actually already had the costume and she was most of the reason that we chose the theme. They have the costume at the Disney Store or online, and it comes with the detachable wings. We added some pom poms to her shoes and gave her a magic wand to complete the Tinker Bell in Neverland costume.


Wendy Darling off to Neverland Costume

This Wendy costume was made by my Mother in Law and I am kind of obsessed. We used a little ribbon for her hair and she transformed into the sweetest Wendy ever. We of course had to add the stuffed bear that her brother Michael always carries around in the movie. Some cute little Mini Melissa shoes and Wendy was also off to Neverland.


Peter Pan of Neverland Costume

Even though I really enjoyed my pirate costume, this one had to be my favorite from this Halloween. My littlest could barely sit up on her own and we put her into a full blown Peter Pan of Neverland costume. She was so adorable and actually stayed in the costume much longer than we anticipated. Pretty sure that they do not still make the costume, but here is a cute version for a baby Peter Pan if you are interested.


Do you get dressed up? Do you and your family dress in theme? I would love to see you and your little ones on Halloween. Please share your costume pictures with me by commenting below.


We really loved our Neverland family Halloween costume and we hope you did too!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Halloween!