I am gearing up for Hazel’s first birthday in just a few short weeks and trying to find inspiration everywhere I can. I can’t believe my third baby will be one. This was the fastest year yet. I started to reminisce about the other special birthdays we had and I couldn’t get my mind off a certain secret garden first birthday.

I spent the morning today with the big girls looking back at pictures of their first birthdays. The girls loved looking at how special their days were and I just cried in the corner, no but really how does time go by so fast?

secret garden first birthday

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite parties of all time, Edith’s secret garden first birthday. Some joke that the middle child can sometimes get the raw end of the deal, but not this time. This party was over the top and she deserved every bit of it.

secret garden first birthday Parents kissing

So much work went into making this day so special but thanks to my wonderful family and the ever-so-talented Brittany of B.B. Designs, the party was everything I dreamed of.

secret garden first birthday Cake smash


A special day for the most special girl.

secret garden first birthday Cake table

Here are all the details of the secret garden first birthday. First lets start with the table setting. Gold chargers elevated the clear plastic plates. We also dressed up the plastic silverware with a sprig of rosemary.

secret garden first birthday Table display

All of the table runners had quotes that inspired me. I had Brittany from B.B. Designs hand letter them for me.

secret garden first birthday Table runner

We used a paper doily under the clear plate to add a bit of elegance.

secret garden first birthday

The centerpieces were just leftover flowers from our floral arrangements. Hydrangeas and eucalyptus.

secret garden first birthday Table runner
secret garden first birthday Table runner quote

I wanted to highlight pictures through the months and so Brittany came up with this great idea of creating a large planter. She built it and created the month designs.

secret garden first birthday
secret garden first birthday Picture table

The guest book is a photo book I made from shutterfly. I use a gold sharpie to write on the pages.

secret garden first birthday Guest book

Edith’s welcome sign and invitation.

secret garden first birthday Invitation

I owe everything to my mother and mother in law who helped with all the food.

All the labels were done by B.B.Designs

This was a cupcake making station for the little ones. They started with the chocolate cupcake and added icing. Then they covered it with “dirt” which was cookie crumbles and other fun topping like gummy worms and “flowers” which were m&m’s.

It’s been almost two years and I am in still in awe when I see this cake table. Searching thrift stores for months for the perfect frames and running to Trader Joes to get the perfect amount of flowers and spending hours baking and crafting with my family and friends…. it all came together perfectly.

secret garden first birthday Cake

Sign by B.B. Designs

One of my favorite parts of the whole party. Little seed packets as favors. The sign reads “Our love for her grows as fast as she does”

secret garden first birthday Favors

My sweet Edith, I can not believe you will be 3 this year.


This park has a fun little splash pad for the kids.


Lucille loved celebrating her sister.


A perfect day for my sweet girl.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at Edith’s first birthday. I’ll be sharing Lucille’s first birthday, a picnic in paris, very soon.


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secret garden first birthday


A special day for the most special girl.