The weather was beautiful, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
A cold front had turned our normal 90 degree days into a nice cool 70, perfect for the outdoor party we had planned for my oldest daughter.

We had the Disney movie Tangled on repeat for almost a year so it was no surprise when Lucille asked for a Tangled birthday party. This could be fun. To be honest Tangled was one of those movies I really enjoyed, even after the 100th time.
The planning started. We decided to have the party in our backyard, the first time we had done one there, so there was lots of work to do. We needed a new fence, some major yard work, and some cleaning. It was a good thing because I have been wanting to get these things done for a while, just the motivation I needed.

We planned a trip with family to Magic Kingdom in late September, a month or so before her party. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to lay the ground work for what would be the biggest surprise on Lucille’s special day. We waited in line for Lu’s favorite princess and after some anxious pacing it was finally our turn to see Rapunzel. Lu asked “Will you come to my party?” Rapunzel delayed as she looked at us and we gave her a big thumbs up!
So the excitement began. All things purple and girlie followed.

On the morning of my girls big day we started with a birthday tradition we have done with all the girls since their first birthday. We wake them in the morning with balloons in their bed. She loved it.

Our party was in the evening. We thought the day would be hot so we planned it later and we also had a big surprise that we wanted to do when it got dark. It was great because we had the whole day to prepare (but even then I was still running behind in typical mom fashion).

Our dessert table was a very simple setup. Cupcakes, “paint brushes” and a delicious chocolate cake. My girl was in heaven.

We served pizza (Lu’s favorite food), “Maximus apples”, some other little snacks, juice, water, and some adult beverages ;) Again very simple. All of the beautiful signs were done by BB Designs. She always exceeds all of my expectations.

A lot of my time and planning went into the activities. I felt like since Lu was a little older, and she loves crafts, she would appreciate a few planned activities.
“Make your friend Pascal”

“Add a few paintings to my gallery”

“Let’s get Tangled in Rapunzels hair” didn’t get a picture of this one but it was basically kids wrapping themselves in streamer which meant streamer EVERYWHERE!
“Pin the nose on Flinn”

We also had a playhouse, sandbox, slide, puppet theatre, and bounce house (which was the highlight of the party). I tried to have something for all ages.

So midway through the party, the music started and in walked…
you guessed it…


She was star struck.

I have to say that the whole experience with Rapunzel was even more magical than I could have imagined. I cried several times, especially at the coronation, and it made me so happy to see how attentive she was to Lucille. I have seen princesses at parties before and none looked so true to character and played the part so well. It was like we were at Disney, thats how beautiful every detail was. From the costume to the hair, it was all perfection. The company is Parties with Character and I would definitely recommend them!

Our favors for this party were something special. My mother in law worked her butt off to make something unique and handmade for every little boy and girl. The boys had Flinns satchels and the girls had Rapunzel braids. They were both so beautiful.
As the sun went down we took the whole group across the street where there is some open land right next to our community garden. We lighted wish lanterns just like the movie. I was nervous if it would work but the whole experience was so fun (with some trial and error) and the kids had a blast.

Lu was so tired from her magical day she didn’t even have the energy to open her presents (well she was opening presents throughout the party and I constantly found her with something new in her hands). She hugged me so tight that night and told me that her day was THE BEST DAY EVER! I couldn’t have been happier.

I took so many videos so I put pieces of them together to give to Lu as a keepsake. I think she will enjoy looking at it when she is older. I have watched it a million times and I cry every time.
Here it is:

I hope you liked taking a look at Lucille’s Tangled party.

I tried really hard to bring in tiny pieces of the movie throughout.

Can you find those hidden little clues?  

Do you like throwing parties?

Do you do themed parties for your kids? If so I would love to hear about them. Tell me about your favorite party in the comments below.  

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