We’ve created a really fun birthday party for one of our kids based on the original Alice and Wonderland animated Disney movie. With the help of some of our local birthday party planning friends, we pulled off a magical tea party right ion our own backyard. The day couldn’t have been more special and my daughter was over the moon about how everything turned out. Read along to see how we transformed our yard into an Alice and Wonderland Birthday party for kids.

Alice Themed Birthday Party

Wonderland Tea Party Box Lunches

It’s not an Alice and Wonderland Tea Party without a delicious lunch to go with your tea. We were so blessed to have our favorite catering partners at Heirloom by Puff ‘n Stuff bring over some personalized charcuterie board boxes for the party. These little snack boards were one of the highlights of the party, as they were so delicately created. If you’re in the Tampa or Orlando area please reach out to them for event catering, they’re awesome!

Alice Party Lunch

Wonderland Party Signs and Printed Decor

Something that I always leave out until the last minute, but certainly deserves more time is the signage. I used to spend the time to create my own invitations, party signs, and decorations. Lately that has become very daunting, especially with3 – 5 birthday parties a year and other holiday parties. I’ve come to find that using Etsy for these things is a really great return on the investment. Here’s the links to the printable party decorations, printable signs, an adorable door knocker, and the editable invitations.

Wonderland print decor

Custom Birthday Party Juice Pouches

Something that is really easy to do when you have a themed birthday party at the house is to create your own drink pouch labels. You can also decorate your water bottles with custom labels as well. Very easy to adhere and the labels. Really dresses up the typical party supplies and makes them into favors.

birthday party drink labels

Alice’s Tea Party Cookies

Again, you can’t have a tea party without snacks and cookies. This Alice’s Birthday Party had some of the most adorable cookies I’ve ever seen. Almost too beautiful to eat, though they were all eaten by the end of the party. We purchased these amazing cookies from our friend Melissa’s Sweet Tooth, which brought the biggest smile to our little girls face.

Alice Tea Party Cookies

Wonderland Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes are another staple at any of our birthday parties. Walmart actually had some really delicious cupcakes and they’re really affordable. We often take off the icing and repipe some really fresh buttercream to give them a fluffy look. The cupcake toppers were from Etsy, which I printed on cardstock and turned out perfectly. We also got the cake topper from Etsy.

wonderland party cupcakes

Alice and Wonderland Party Decor

All of the party table and surrounding decorations were brought in and styled by our friend Shannon from Picnic Party Tampa Bay. She was really thoughtful in all of the items she chose for this special birthday party. From the beautiful flower bouquets to the teapots and tea cup settings, she did an amazing job. Our backyard was instantly transformed into the perfect Wonderland backdrop for the perfect Wonderland celebration.

Alice in wonderland table
Alice party table decor
Alice Birthday Party

Alice and Wonderland…the Mad Hatter is Calling

Planning Birthday Parties for Kids

Creating your own party can be a great deal of work, especially on the day of the event. What I’ve found is that working with some of your favorite local party vendors can be a huge time saver and can guarantee success. With their expertise in certain areas, like layout and design, you can relax a bit more and focus on the party itself. It does not have to be super expensive either. If you sub out the individual tasks that typically take longer, you can really help yourself out.

Alice Party Decor

Tampa Local Birthday Party Vendors

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