We just got back from Hilton La Romana in the Dominican Republic, and let me tell you, it was a dream vacation. I’ve always heard about the disadvantages of all-inclusive resorts. If you’ve seen any of our other adventures, you know we like to go off the beaten path and explore on our own. This last trip totally changed my perspective. The Best all-inclusive resorts can offer a ton of value for your next vacation and can be the perfect option for families who all like to do something different. From relaxing in hammocks to intense water park adventures, our trip catered to each family member. Our love for adventure travel will never go away, but I definitely see a lot more all-inclusive vacations in our future. Check out our all-inclusive vacation.

all inclusive resort for families

1. You Spend Less Time Planning

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself when getting ready for this all-inclusive vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I was still running around franticly to preparing for us to leave. Thanks to Hilton planning just about every aspect of our vacation, I was able to focus my energy elsewhere. I didn’t have to spend hours leading up to it searching and planning what activities we were going to be doing, as everything was going to be provided. Packing is a different story, check out my post on that here.


2. There are Many Great Dining Options

The amount of food, and quality of food really surprised me. There were so many options, even for our pickiest eater. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that all-inclusive food isn’t delicious. We ate some of the best meals while we were on this vacation, and the service was first-class. You know you’re at one of the best family vacation resorts when you’re offered fresh fruit on the beach every morning, such a pleasant way to start your day. Of course, they also offer as many fruity mixed drinks as you could ask for, so naturally I had several. the girls did not hesitate to order their virgin frozen drinks as well…smoothies.


food at an all inclusive resort

3. All-inclusive is a really is a Great Value

I know it’s called and all-inclusive, but I didn’t really think that meant everything. At Hilton, food, activities, shows, and even gratuities were all covered. This is one of the best benefits of all-inclusive resorts. That meant we didn’t touch our credit cards or any cash the entire trip, how nice is that! It’s also very helpful when you are budgeting for your trip, knowing a big majority of your total trip cost right up front.

4. There are Endless Activity Options

When I tell you that Hilton La Romana had it all, I mean it. During our stay, we were able to enjoy things like, snorkeling, kayaking, yoga by the ocean, Zumba in the ocean, dancing, scavenger hunts, and even batting cages. There is literally something here for everyone in the family. We even found a casino on site when we were leaving that we hd no idea was there.


al inclusive vacations Dominican  

5. You have the ability to Customize your Vacation

I think the best part of staying at an all-inclusive resort is that it’s your vacation, so you get to enjoy it the way you want. A family vacation is not a one size fits all kind of experience. It’s going to be different for everyone, as each person enjoys and different things. Having options and the resources there at your disposal is such a nice feeling. If the littles want to go to the kids club, while the big ones play games, then Mom and Dad can go have a drink by the by the beach alone. Sounds like paradise to me!

vacation resorts in the Dominican Republic

6.  Take advantage of the Kids Club

This a family vacation right? That means everyone gets to enjoy it, right? Sometimes that means the kids get to go to the kids club right in the middle of the day and play video games, make crafts, and eat snacks. They deserve a say in their vacation too! My girls absolutely loved the kids club at Hilton La Romana. My youngest would go several times a day. After dinner, she would ask to go back just to get her face painted. All the girls got to enjoy so many fun games and activities while they visited the kids club. Their favorite were treasure hunts, sand castle building and foam parties for the older kids.  My favorite part about the kids club were the shows that they put on for everyone on the outside stage after dinner. They were quality shows and the kids had an absolute blast! (even my husband participated)

Kids club at an all inclusive resort


7. You’re more likely to try New Things

When everything is included in your stay, you’re more likely to try new things. Try new experiences, try new adventures, and even try new foods. There’s no harm in trying something new, that’s how we learn more and experience life. When it comes to trying food, you feel more adventurous because you know you can just order something else if it isn’t the right thing. When it comes to trying fast water slides, well…there’s no redos’s on those, so good luck!

water slide at all inclusive vacations

8. There seems to be a lot less Arguments

Because of the variety of foods and activities for everyone, most of the time everyone was happy with the choices. Now with a family of 5, there are almost always going to be disagreements, but it was so much better on our trip to La Romana. Everyone was so much more relaxed and easy going because there were so many different things to do and always options.

9. The Exciting Nightly Entertainment

You know you had a good vacation when you got to experience lots of new fun things. I know I’ve talked already about the abundance of options, but Hilton really does have so much to offer. Even after the sun went down, we still had so much to choose from. There were lots of family activities, live performances, and plenty of places to eat and hang out at night. We definitely stayed up much later than usual while on this trip, but it was very natural and so much fun. The best part was that we could sleep in the next day, as there was always something to eat and always more activities just waiting for us.

10. You’re actually able to Relax

A vacation is meant to reset and relax you, to leave you feeling rested and reenergized. Many times when a vacation is over, I leave feeling more tired than when we got there. As they say, you need a vacation from your vacation. Well, this time it was different. There was so much time for me to relax, unwind, and even read a book! With hammocks in the shade, and private spots at the beach, there were so many places for all of us to find some space to disconnect and relax the way we all needed. Hilton does such a great job taking the stress out of everything, which allowed us to relax and fully enjoy our family vacation. Come with us to the Dominican Republic.

Hilton La Romana Resort Staff

I really hope these were 10 strong enough reasons for you to choose all-inclusive resorts for your next big family vacation. We certainly cannot wait to go back! My opinion on what a family vacation package should include has definitely changed, thanks to Hilton La Romana. If you’re ready to take your family to La Romana, you can start your booking here.

Here’s some typical questions we got about staying at all-inclusive resorts:

If you end up staying at the Hilton La Ramana and enjoy it as much as we did, please tag me in your posts on Instagram and Tiktok. We absolutely love hearing about all of your family adventures!!

One last thing I have to share is about the Longe at the Punta Cana airport…. There’s actually a pool!

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