I recently stumbled upon this awesome new resource for moms to be. When I was pregnant with my first I walked into this big baby store, picked up the scanner from the front desk, wandered aimlessly around the store scanning items I thought I would need, basically a list of “what if’s”. Not fun, and pretty intimdating. Plus what if this store I was in didn’t have the bedding I wanted? Or didn’t carry the diaper bag I was swooning over. Just like every other mom out there I had to make multiple registries for each of the stores I was interested in. This time I knew I wasn’t going to do that.

Now that I am pregnant with baby number 3 there really isn’t much I need but I still want to make a registry to keep myself organized and to help me stay within budget. How was I going to keep all my wishlist items in one place?BABYLIST! No matter the store, Instagram or Etsy shop, I compiled some of my must have items all in one place and easy to access. Some of the things I love about Babylist:
1. There is an app – who am I kidding, I do everything from my phone. The app makes it easy for me to update and add when I’m on the go. Did I just see the cutest bibs at Babies R Us, or the most darling layette at Baby Gap?? Let’s not even talk about how many instagram shops I am obsessed over. Yup, I just add them right then and there.
2. I love the notes section – If I need to remember the specific color or size or if it takes 10 weeks for delivery, I can add all of those notes to reference later. If you are doing a more traditional registry and sharing with friends and family you can make sure they are not guessing when it comes times to buy. You can add in as many or as little details as you would like.
3. Easy to share – if you are having a baby shower and want to share your wishlist with friends you can share it electonically or even with a paper insert. Your guests can access your list from anywhere.
4. Budget friendly – Unlike the traditional registry I did with my first two this list is so much more flexible. Before if I found a cheaper price on a gift I still felt obligated to buy it from the registry store so it would get taken off the list and therefore making sure my friends didn’t get duplicates. On Babylist you can purchase from the link associated with the item or if you find it cheaper somewhere else you can still “claim the item” (basically telling the mommy to be and other guests that you purchased it) and purchase that item from any store you want! I love this feature!
5. You can add really unique and personal items – Like home-cooked meals! How cool is that?!?!
I am sure you are wondering what I’ve added to my babylist. When it comes to my 3rd girl you can pretty much assume that I have almost everything. I’ve learned and adapted along the way so I’ve tailored this list to show some of my necessities for everyday life and also those little extras to make this girl feel just as special as her sisters. I love hand-me-downs but I think she in entitled to some new things too. ;) So now when one of my mommy friends talks about a baby item I can’t miss out on or my favorite Instagram shop posts a new item I can’t live without, I just add it as I go, and I am sure I wont be stopping anytime soon.
Here are a few of my favorites. You can find the details on my BabylistHERE: (make sure you click on all gifts to see everything on my list, I’ve already picked up a few things so they won’t show up if you are looking at just the “available” section, don’t want you to miss a great find)

I would love to hear some of your must have items for baby or a really unique item you cant live without.