I’ve just planned my oldest daughter’s 10th birthday party. While I was pretty set on a “groovy” theme, I wanted to come up with some really big party ideas for the event. After all, my first born is the one that made me mama and she only turns 10 once. How could I make this one of the best parties? I wanted something fun, something unique, and something just like our sweet girl. Something everyone would enjoy, even the parents at the party. After much thought (and lots of pinterest-ing) I had the perfect idea for her…a Backyard Movie Night! Follow along to see some ideas on how to throw the best backyard Movie Night!

Backyard Movie Night Party

Movie Night Birthday Party

We’ve never done a movie night birthday party before, so we were in uncharted territory. We’re going to need some great ideas to pull this off. With some help from Pinterest and our own creativity, we were going to do our best to pull off the ultimate backyard movie night. It really does sound fun! Lounging in the yard on pillows and blankets. Watching one of your favorite movies from the pool. I was so excited and she absolutely loved the idea. Now it was time to plan it all out. 

Backyard Movie Night Ideas

Here’s the best of the ideas that we implemented for our special girl’s birthday. Follow along to see what made this backyard movie night birthday party a smash hit.

Party Twinkle Lights 

As if sitting under the light of the moon and stars wasn’t enough. You obviously need some twinkly lights to tie in the movie theater ambiance. The good news is that we already had lots of great lights to choose from and they really added to the look.

Movie Night Projector

You didn’t think we were dragging the TV outside did you? Last year, we decided to get a movie projector for occasions just like this one. I’m so glad that we are going to be getting some use out of it.

Backyard Movie Screen 

We also added our own backyard movie night screen amongst the landscaping. This allowed the movie theater to be viewed from the yard and the pool, which was the most popular. It was such a huge success, therefore I can see us spending many more backyard movie nights ahead.

Comfy Outdoor Seating 

Although I do have some of the best outdoor seating, I still needed to up my game for this movie night. I added some large fluffy pillows and some bean bag chairs, so everyone was comfortable. 


Best Cozy Backyard Blankets 

The best time to watch a movie in your backyard is once the sun goes down. Even in Florida, it still gets chilly outside in the fall. We made sure everyone could snuggle up with a soft  fuzzy blanket while enjoying the movie and snacks. 

Movie Night Popcorn Essentials 

When you go to the theater, the most exciting part is getting a snack at the concession stand before you grab your seats. Because of that, I knew I wanted to recreate that experience in our own backyard. This popcorn machine we got on Amazon even has a candy dispenser, which was a huge hit with the kids! This thing has been amazing. We’ve already used it several times since the party. Don’t forget about the trays and bags to serve your snacks in. 

I really hope this post was helpful for your next big birthday party planning. Of course, I always say that each party I throw is my new favorite. Though really simple, this time I really think this one was one of my all time favorites. 

It was so much different from what we’ve done in the past and everyone had so much fun. If you’re looking for more fun birthday party ideas, check out Hazel’s Alice in Wonderland tea party, it was adorable. 
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