I am kind of a hippie when it comes to deodorants.


I am going to be honest with you.


I feel like we have been getting to know each other lately. I have been opening up to you about different aspects of my life, I feel like I can trust you. So I am going to just spit it out, as embarrassing as it may be…


Most days I don’t wear deodorant.


To all my friends and family that have been around me those days… I am so so sorry.


Let me explain…


For the last few years I have been researching  the ingredients in deodorants and to be honest they totally scare me. I consider myself somewhat of a health conscious person. I like to read labels and be aware of the things I put on my body and the things I bring into my home. I never really thought about deodorants until I got pregnant and my “health-nut” went into overdrive.


Read more about deodorant’s ingredients:


Hey your boobs and armpits are next door neighbors. It’s silly to think that those yucky ingredients from your deodorant wouldn’t come over to your boobs for a visit.


Plus I have been a breastfeeding mom, non-stop, for the last 4 years. YUP, NON-STOP! So there is no way I am putting any of those chemicals next to my baby’s primary source of nutrition.


So that is where the no deodorant thing comes from.


It works some days, when I am home alone with the kids, but I knew I needed an alternative. I feel like people were avoiding me.


I have tried them all. All the natural deodorants on the market (ok so maybe not all, but a lot of them) and I have to tell you that finding a good one is very hard.


I am sharing some insight with you to hopefully make your search a little easier.




Tom’s of Maine –
I loved how easy this deodorant was to buy. I found it at my local target so the advantage of picking it up on my weekly trip was appealing to me. When I brought it home and tried it for a few days I realized it didn’t really work. I noticed it helped for maybe an hour but this thing was not taming the stinky that comes from the Florida sun. So this is a pass in my book.


Crystal Deodorant –
This one is weird. It smells weird and doesn’t work. Sorry I wish I had something good to say, but no, just no.


Kiss My Face-
I really liked the smell of this one but again it didn’t work. It probably lasted the longest of the ones mentioned above, but is it too much to ask to get a deodorant that lasts longer than a walk out to your car?!?! The other thing that bothers me is although this doesn’t have the dreaded aluminum it has a lot of items in it that I can’t pronounce. That is always a bad sign in my book.


Bodhi Basics –
I really liked this one and the good news, finally, it works. The smells are pretty potent though. Even though I don’t want to smell like a homeless person I also don’t want to smell like a walking incense. The smells are powerful and although I like this deodorant I would prefer something that wasn’t so overwhelming. This one is a thumbs up overall. Worth a try.


Coco Lavish –
Ok guys this one is it. This one works, it works really great. It has a beautiful yet subtle smell. I tried the Antro Blend, hello who doesn’t like Anthro and all their amazing smells. I love how smooth it goes on. It lasts because I really need just a little to get the coverage. Plus I can read every ingredient. It truly is all natural and uses some amazing essential oils and I love me some essential oils. This one is a YES, a big fat glorious YES. Oh and as a true test… I chased two toddlers while wearing my gigantic baby all morning in the 90 degree heat and not one repulsive sniff. This stuff really works.


Guys I told Jodi, owner of Coco Lavish, how much I loved her deodorant and she was nice enough to make it easy for all of you try it for yourself. Use Code “Blinks15” to get 15% off your order.

Visit her site with tons of amazing products: coco-lavish.com


I am so excited that I finally found a deodorant that works for me. Now I just need to get back in the habit of wearing the darn thing. But seriously, this is something that is so important to me and should be to you too. If you haven’t switched to a more natural deodorant I hope this gives you the push to do so. No guess work, just honest opinions from a Florida gal with stinky pits.


I’ll be updating this list as I come across new products so check back often. Do you have a product you love? Let me know in the comments below.


If you have any questions about the deodorants I tried or why I choose to wear only natural deodorant please reach out. I would love to talk to you about it more.


**Although some of these products may have been given to me to try, either free of charge or with discount,  all of these opinions are my own honest reviews. I take pride in giving my readers  insightful and helpful suggestions and sponsored posts will never get in the way of my real feelings about the products I use**