How do you find the best airlines to fly to Paris? That really depends on your goals. If you’re flying on a budget, like my family, you want to make sure you always get the best deals available. That’s why when it comes to finding the best airlines, we aren’t really loyal to any particular airline. When we’re planning a trip, we shop for deals instead of specific airlines, and we’ve found that’s the best option for cheap flights.

If you aren’t on a budget, you may be looking for this information to meet other travel needs. If you aren’t looking for deals, you’ll still find this information helpful. Below we get into the details of how we find deals on the best airlines to fly to Paris and tips for finding the best flights, even how to fly for free!

best airlines to fly to paris

How to Find Airlines that Fly Direct to Paris

Since we aren’t picky about the airline we fly, we get right into searching for the other things we care more about. One of those things, in this instance, is getting a direct flight from the US to Paris. To find direct flights, we use FlightConnections.

FlightConnections is a really useful website for planning your travel. It helps you find the best way to get from one place to another with the least amount of effort. It searches through hundreds of airlines, airports, and routes to find the most efficient route, and when we’re looking for a direct flight, we always use this website.

FlightConnections is incredibly helpful for planning any kind of trip, as it takes away the hassle of researching and comparing different routes. It also gives you information like the cost of tickets, departure and arrival times, and airline ratings to make sure you’re getting an efficient route and a good deal.

From my FlightConnections search results, I go straight to the airline website. I also use Google Flights to find the best deals between the airlines I find who have direct routes to Paris.

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best airlines to fly to paris

The Best Airlines to Fly to Paris

From major airlines to budget airlines with the lowest price tickets, it’s possible to find great airlines that suit your needs for a Paris flight. Don’t be afraid to overlook the most popular airlines and try airlines with the best prices for your budget – sometimes the best airlines to fly to Paris are not the most popular ones. We have had great experiences with low-cost carriers. You can expect the same excellent service you get from the most popular choices, just maybe with fewer frills. For our family, good deals trump frills when it comes to our mode of transportation. We like to spend more money on our experiences once we get to our destination.

Below are some choices for the best airlines to fly to Paris. All of these offer direct flights, which are the easiest way to travel internationally. Nonstop flights are an especially good option if you have kids who you would rather not drag through an international airport on a (possibly) short layover. Keep in mind, though, that the average flight time from the US to Paris is anywhere from 9 to 17 hours. When you get up the double digits, that number of hours on a plane may be a little bit too much for your kids. So keep that in mind so you can make the right choice for your family’s needs.


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Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines offers nonstop flights from major US cities like New York, Boston, and Atlanta. Prices are usually in the mid-range and include amenities that some people prefer to have, like free snacks and beverages. Plus, Delta offers a generous baggage allowance, so you won’t have to worry about paying extra fees for your luggage if you don’t like to pack light as my family does.

Delta also offers a variety of services for kids and families flying to Paris. These include priority boarding so families can board the plane before other passengers, complimentary strollers and car seats for families with young children, complimentary snacks and drinks for children, and onboard entertainment with a selection of kid-friendly programming. Delta also offers special discounts for families flying together, as well as family seating options, so that parents and children can sit together.


  • Competitive prices for flights to Paris from the United States
  • Many nonstop flights to Paris from various cities in the United States 
  • Member of the SkyTeam Alliance, which provides travelers with access to more than 15,000 daily flights to over 1,000 destinations in more than 178 countries worldwide 
  • Renowned for its excellent customer service and comfortable in-flight experience
  • Variety of amenities and services, including in-flight entertainment, complimentary meals and snacks, and generous baggage allowances for passengers


  • Does not offer the cheapest prices for flights to Paris from the United States 
  • Does not offer direct flights to Paris from some cities in the United States 
  • Flights to Paris may have long layovers and multiple connections
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Air France 

Air France is the national airline of France, and they offer flights to Paris from many countries around the world. They are a full-service airline offering a higher level of service than budget airlines. Prices are generally a bit higher than the other budget airlines, but the extra service may be worth the extra cost. Air France has non-stop flights from the US to Paris from 14 different major cities in the US.

Air France offers a range of services and amenities to make traveling with kids and families more enjoyable. They have a “Flying Nanny” program to lend a hand to passengers traveling with kids under 12. They offer children’s meals, special entertainment for kids, kid-friendly activities and toys, family check-in, and priority boarding for families. They also offer Family Travel Passes, which provide discounts and other benefits for families flying together on Air France.


  • Wide range of flights to Paris from the United States. 
  • Competitive prices for flights to Paris. 
  • Selection of premium seating options, including business class seats. 
  • Generous baggage allowance. 
  • Good reputation for customer service. 
  • Rewards program for frequent flyers. 
  • Strong network of partner airlines, which allows for easy connections.


  • May be more expensive than other airlines. 
  • Known to have a few delays and cancellations. 
  • Does not serve many U.S. airports. 
  • Does not have an extensive selection of on-board entertainment options. 
  • Does not offer a selection of in-flight meals. 
  • Has limited seating options for large groups. 
  • Does not offer any loyalty programs for frequent flyers.
best airlines to fly to paris

United Airlines

United Airlines is a great option for budget-conscious travelers looking for a direct flight to Paris. This airline offers nonstop flights from cities like Washington D.C., Denver, and Houston. Prices are usually lower than other airlines, and you’ll get the added benefit of United’s loyalty program, which offers discounts and special offers. More on loyalty programs down below.

United Airlines has amenities for kids and families flying to Paris, including priority boarding, access to the United Club, onboard entertainment, and complimentary meals and snacks. For kids ages 2-11, they give out United Kids Kits with fun activities and snacks to keep them entertained and engaged during the flight. Plus family-friendly services like pre-boarding for families with children, early boarding for families with infants, and family seating that allows parents to sit with their children.


  • Daily direct flights from the United States to Paris
  • Extensive global network of routes and destinations, making it easy to connect to other cities in Europe 
  • Competitive airfares on flights to Paris 
  • Reputation for reliable and comfortable service. 
  • Complimentary beverages and snacks, in-flight entertainment, and Wi-Fi access may be available on select flights to Paris


  • May charge extra fees for checked baggage and other services
  • Delays and cancellations can occur due to weather or other factors
  • Flying United Airlines to Paris may require multiple connections, which can add extra time and expense to the trip
  • Flight availability may be limited during peak travel times
  • Flying United Airlines to Paris may require a stopover in another U.S. city

Norse Airlines

Norse Airlines operates flights to Paris from major cities across the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston. All Norse Airlines flights to Paris are direct and nonstop, and it’s considered a budget international airline and will usually have reasonably priced international flights.

Norse Airlines offers some special services for families flying to Paris. These include free meals and snacks for children, special entertainment options for kids, and family-friendly amenities. Families can also pre-book and pay for airport transfers, car hire, and extra luggage allowance. Norse Airlines also offer a range of family discounts and special offers.


  • Convenient flight schedules
  • Quality customer service
  • Affordable ticket prices
  • Relaxing and comfortable seating
  • In-flight entertainment options
  • Delicious food and beverage options
  • On-time departures and arrivals
  • Baggage allowance and handling 


  • Limited destinations
  • Limited flight times
  • Longer flying time due to stopovers
  • High cancellation and change fees
  • Limited in-flight amenities
  • Limited baggage allowance
  • Minimal legroom in economy class
  • Limited online booking options
best airlines to fly to paris

American Airlines

American Airlines is another great choice. It also has direct flights to Paris from the United States. Flights depart from major cities like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C., and arrive either at Charles de Gaulle Airport or Paris Orly Airport, both major airports in Paris.

American Airlines also offers special seating options for families flying to Paris, allowing you to keep your children close without having to pay extra. You can opt for family meal bundles that include a variety of kid-friendly meals that can be pre-ordered before your flight. and your family will get priority boarding, allowing you to board the plane first and get your children settled in before the other passengers. Kids activity kits filled with fun activities to keep them entertained during the flight are provided for all kids. Plus a variety of entertainment options for kids and families are available, including streaming movies, TV shows, games, and music.


  • One of the most reliable airlines in the world and has a great safety record
  • Direct flights to Paris from multiple cities in the United States
  • Competitive prices on their flights to Paris
  • Wide range of services and amenities, including in-flight entertainment and complimentary meals
  • Frequent flyer rewards to customers who fly often
  • Strong loyalty program with excellent benefits 


  • Known to have long delays and flight cancellations
  • Tends to have less legroom than other airlines
  • Does not offer free checked baggage on flights to Paris
  • Can be more expensive than other airlines for flights to Paris
  • Does not have as many direct flights to Paris as other airlines
  • Does not always offer the most up-to-date technology on their flights

FrenchBee Airlines

Frenchbee is a low-cost French airline that offers flights to Paris from the United States. The airline offers flights from multiple cities in the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and more. Prices for flights to Paris can vary depending on the departure city and time of year but typically range from $400 to $600 roundtrip. Frenchbee also offers a range of additional services, like meals and baggage, for an additional fee.

French Bee offers special services for families travelling with children. These include priority boarding, additional baggage allowance for infants, and complimentary meals for children. The airline also offers additional services such as stroller rental and on-board entertainment for children. French Bee also offers special fares for children aged 2 to 11.


  • High safety standards and reliable service
  • Affordable fares and great value for money
  • Friendly and attentive staff
  • Modern fleet of aircraft to ensure comfort
  • Convenient flight times and routes
  • Baggage allowance of up to 23 kg per passenger
  • In-flight entertainment options
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • No additional fuel surcharges


  • Limited destinations in the US
  • Longer flight times compared to other airlines
  • Limited in-flight services
  • No loyalty program
  • No frequent flyer program
  • No online seat selection
best airlines to fly to paris

Fly to Paris for Free

Now that you know how to find the best airlines to fly to Paris and get the best deals, you’re ready to start planning an amazing trip! Speaking of good prices for flights, how about free? A lot of the great deals we end up with come from loyalty programs and points we build up from travel. We get into all the details for extremely low-cost flights (like $18 to fly our whole family to Paris) in our blog posts How to Book Flights for Free (only pay taxes)! and Our Top 6 Favorite Travel Credit Cards.

If you’re thinking about traveling to a popular destination like Paris, France on a budget, you’ll want all the tips you can get to avoid overspending before you even get there. Check out our Tips for Booking the Best Travel Deals. All of our tips apply to international and domestic flights and travel in general, so look around our blog and get all the best travel tips and get started planning your next trip!

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