Are you planning a family vacation to Bali but not quite sure which accommodation (and which location) might be best for you? I am here to help! My family and I just got back from a month long trip to Bali and absolutely fell in love with the Island. We know how hard it can be to plan your first trip to Bali because we struggled to find the place perfect for us and our young kids amidst the sea of options. My hope is that by reading this post you can get a clearer idea of what might work for you. Here is our list of the best villas in Bali for families.

Why Stay in a Villa when visiting Bali with your family

Imagine waking up in your own private home, it’s tranquil and quiet. You don’t have to rush to save deck chairs by the pool or navigate the busy hotel breakfast. There are some definite perks to staying in a villa while visiting Bali, especially when traveling with kids. Here are some reasons why we love staying in villas when visiting Bali

  • Space – Villas tend to be really spacious (a villa is generally larger than a house) and we love this because we feel like we can spread out and truly relax.
  • Privacy – There is nothing like having the privacy that a villa can offer. You don’t have to worry if your kids are being too loud or if the noise will wake them during naps. You have the entire place to yourself.
  • Staying in a group – since there is a bit more space villas are ideal for multi family trips or larger groups.
  • Flexibility – unlike hotels you have the flexibility to pretty much use the villa how you would like. You can set your own times to eat, swim, and sleep!
  • Customization – With a lot of the villas we stayed in we were able to customize our stay to fit our needs. That sometimes meant we had a full time house manager on staff to do anything from make breakfast to answer questions.
  • Cost – You would assume that with all of these perks, villas would be totally out of your price range. But that is certainly not the case in Bali. You can actually find a villa for almost any budget!

How do you find the best Villas in Bali?

It can be a bit tricky finding a villa in Bali that is good quality (and a great value) and ultimately a perfect fit for your family. After searching all the online sites we found that the selection on was the most reputable. All the villas on their site are of the best quality so it made searching pretty easy. Plus the listings were very detailed with lots of pictures, maps, and descriptions.

I found their customer service to be outstanding. From the constant communication before check in, to the detailed instructions about our arrival, to the quick responses when we needed, we were just really impressed by the entire experience and will be using them for our next trip to Bali.

Where our family stayed during our trip to Bali

We opted to spend a majority of our time in Bali in the Canggu area and we are so glad we did. We found that its was the most walkable of all the Bali neighborhoods (I would say as a whole Bali is not the most walkable and it might be difficult to push a stroller around). There is so much to do in Canggu, like visiting the beach, trying out the amazing restaurants, and visiting a few of their famous beach clubs.

We stayed in Villa Moana and we can not say enough good things about it! The location was absolutely perfect. Close to our favorite family friendly beach club, La Brisa, and so many other cool spots.

The entire property was so beautiful. The villa has so many little details that made staying in Bali as a family so much easier. There was a kids table which was covered in coloring sheets for our arrival (such a nice touch). There was also a bunk room complete with toys, which my kids loved. I also really liked that the bunk room attached to another room with a king bed, so you could keep a close eye on your little ones. Both of those rooms also connected to a Jack & Jill bathroom.

We absolutely loved all the outdoor spaces. The lounge area by the pool was where we spent a majority of our time and the third floor had the most amazing views of the sunsets!

This 6 bedroom 6 bathroom villa is perfect for large families or if you are planning to stay with a group. Add this villa to the very top of your list if you are going to be staying in the Canggu area!

Our time at Villa Moana in Bali

Family villas in Canggu

Canggu is the hip and up and coming part of Bali. This is were you will find all the best restaurants, bars, and beach clubs. This area definitely has a younger vibe with lots of young families as well. I loved how welcomed we felt going to the restaurants and beach clubs with our kids. You could even get a sitter for a night out on the town if you are up for it.

Villa Lapis

Villa Lapis in bali best villas in bali for families

This gorgeous 3 bedroom villa is in the perfect part of Canggu and close to the beach. I love the open concept of this villa which gives that authentic Balinese feel.

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Villa Mia

Villa Mia in bali

Another villa with a great location close to the beach. You even have the popular Finn’s recreation club just down the street which is perfect for kids. This 3 bedroom villa is also really affordable, coming in around $200/night depending on the time of year.

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Villa Allu

Villa Allu in bali

I couldn’t believe the price for this villa when I saw it, considering it’s right in the center of it all. This gorgeous 4 bedroom two story villa will also leave you feeling tranquil because you will be surrounded by gorgeous rice terraces which Bali in known for.

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Villa Lapis 2

Villa Lapis 2 in bali

If you are looking for a villa not quite as big as the others I recommended that Villa Lapis 2 might be for you. This two bedroom is also in a great location and I love the decor.

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Luxury Beach House

luxury beach house in bali

While in Canggu we also stayed some time in this gorgeous villa with my family. This 5 bedroom villa was spacious for our party of 9 and we loved our visit here. The location was great with the best coffee shops just a short walk away. We loved being able to try so many of the great restaurants in Canggu!

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Family villas in Seminyak

Seminyak is a well-known beach resort area located in the south of Canggu (they are pretty close though and a lot of people visit both while they stay in one of the other). Seminyak is great for family vacations, where you can find the best restaurants, endless shopping, and exciting nightlife. The nearby beaches also offer so many things to do and see for parents and kids alike. Where Canggu is more up and coming Seminyak is more established. You definitely won’t struggle to find great places to eat or shop.

The Chands Three

The Chand’s Three

The Chand’s Three is a great three-bedroom villa right near the ocean that can easily accommodate families with children. There’s a private swimming pool with beautiful views of the beaches. The villa is close to all of the best shops and restaurants in Seminyak, great for walking or short rides.

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Villa Umara

Villa Umara

Villa Umara is also very close to the beach, local shops and many good restaurants. The villa is tucked away nicely from the busy streets to allow for some more privacy. Umara offers an open airy concept and 3 very spacious bedrooms, with the master upstairs looking over the garden and pool.

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Villa Lisabella

Villa Lisabella

Villa Lisabella is conveniently located in the middle of Seminyak, within short walking distance from popular restaurants, cafes and the Bintang supermarket. This villa has 4 bedrooms that all provide private space, while still opening up to shared spaces and the gorgeous pool. The beach is just a short drive away from the villa.

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Family Villas in Ubud

Ubud is most known for its stunning rice paddies and beautiful countryside. Ubud offers rich traditional experiences to those seeking new purpose and rejuvenation. There’s also lots to do for families.

Villa Candi Kecil Empat

Villa Candi Kecil Empat

Villa Candi Kecil Empat is a great place to spend a relaxing family vacation. The villa has a large pool, surrounded by a large stone patio and beautifully landscaped tropical surroundings. There’s a traditional thatched roof, Balinese gazebo, and an outdoor dining area for family gatherings.

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Villa Liang Ubud

villa liang in bali

Villa Liang is a quiet retreat among the rice fields and tall palm trees. Just a 10-minute walk from some of the he most popular areas of Ubud. Villa Liang offers such a perfect hideaway to enjoy great meals with your family and enjoy a relaxing stay in Ubud.

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Villa Melati

best villas in bali for families - villa melati

Villa Melati has wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and the Ayung River. The vill is made up of several standalone pavilions with traditional Balinese alang-alang roofs. If you’re looking for a naturally peaceful environment, this villa will be perfect for you and your family!

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Family Villas in Sanur

Sanur is a perfect area for families, as everything is within walking distance from restaurants, shops, markets and great beaches. Sanur is a more laid-back seaside town that is a great base for exploring Bali. You’ll find a lot of expats in Sanur and this is primarily where families tend to gravitate to.

Villa Hibiscus Sanur

villa hibiscus in bali - best villas in bali for families

Villa Hibiscus can accommodate larger families and is very kid-friendly. The villa allows guests direct access to some of the best beaches in Sanur. With outdoor showers, outdoor lounges and awesome amenities, the villa is exactly wha every family is looking for.

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Villa Frangi

villa frangi in bali

Villa Frangi is only a short walk from one of the most beautiful beaches in Sanur. Frangi offers a comfortable, contemporary style with bright colors. Another great choice for families with
open-concept living spaces, a great kitchen, and a very spacious swimming pool. 

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Villa Kemoening

Kemoening villa in bali

Kemoening is a very spacious 3 bedroom villa with very well-lit living areas. Surrounded by lush green gardens and a private pool, there’s plenty of areas to host your family while in Sanur.

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Best Family Villas in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is a less crowded, more tranquil area in the south of Bali. With less hustle and bustle, Uluwatu offers a more private vacation experience away from the crowds. Many of the places are atop magnificent limestone cliffs and have amazing views of the coastline. If you are looking for more of those picturesque beaches you will probably want to go to Uluwatu.

Villa Lidwina


Villa Lidwina is a two-story vacation home that has bright and inviting decor with top notch amenities. While it leads to a more luxurious feel, there’s still lots to be enjoyed by the whole family.

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Cabana Emile


Cabana Emile is a contemporary villa close to Bingin Beach. Emile offers five-star amenities and unbelievable furnishings. This is a great tropical seaside paradise with everything you need.

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Villa Deaden

best villas in bali for families

Villa Dedaun is a Greek-style villa a short walk from Bingin Beach. The villa has 3 bedrooms, with both indoor and outdoor living. Villa Deaden has everything you would picture in a tropical holiday home.

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Villa Markisa

best villas in bali for families

Akilea Villas is made up of 5 villas that can be rented individually, but also altogether for a larger family getaway. Located in Jimbara, Villa Markisa Pecatu is a private 3 bedroom home featuring the signature traditional pavilions and a tropical oasis for endless relaxation.

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