Halloween Boo Basket Inspiration 

I feel like I’ve said this a million times. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. There is something special about the witches and pumpkins, and fake spider webs that make me happy. With every holiday, comes a new way that this mama is going to make it more fun and more magical for my girls. Decorating for Halloween is fun, and dressing up is something not to be taken lightly around here. This boo basket for halloween just makes it more exciting for them. It is completely customizable, which I love. What would you put in your boo basket? Come see what I decided to put in my girls’ basket this Halloween. 

Halloween Boo Basket Ideas for Kids

Fun Halloween baskets for kids 

I like to think of myself as the lazy pinterest mom. I love making the holiday times fun with little crafts, and Boo Baskets for Halloween, but I want it to be easily attainable and not a lot of extra work. We’re already running around like mad trying to plan the perfect Family Halloween costume. Why add to the stress? 

I’m here to help with that. Check out these super cute boo baskets I put together for my girls this year. 

Elvira Halloween Cat 

Everyone loves a themed stuffed animal. My girls have so many, but they love them so much. This cute stuffed witch cat comes dressed with her black hat and an orange festive dress. 

Halloween Surprise balls

These festive surprise balls are both fun to look at and fun to explore. They come in fun decorated creatures such as a witch, skeleton, black cat, and pumpkin. But when you rip them open they are filled with all sorts of Halloween themed goodies. 

A fun spooky book

My girls love this book about a shy little ghost that’s afraid of the dark. It makes bed time so much easier when we have fun new books to read. We have quite a few halloween books that we love. 

A Halloween Craft

Getting the kids hands dirty and interactive is one of my favorite ways to celebrate a holiday. Whether it’s decorating this super fun paper mache pumpkin or getting them in the kitchen cooking and baking with me. I do love this pumpkin because you can choose to paint or color it. You could even get a bunch of fun stickers and put them all over it. Perfect Halloween boo basket stuffer!

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Festive Halloween Jammies 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting festive jammies for the holidays. If I’m lucky, they can be used for years to come. They can be used year round or you can pass them down to the younger siblings. There are so many options when it comes to festive holiday jammies. I always find so many cute ones. 

A Halloween basket 

And what would this Halloween Boo Basket be without the basket to put it all in. It doesn’t need to be anything special and fancy. You’re going to fill it and decorate it to make it festive. I love this simple white basket, and it holds everything while showing it all off. 

I hope I was able to show you how simple and versatile this Boo Basket for Halloween can be. Did I inspire you to make your own? I really hope so. 

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