The third activity in my Pinterest Mom Summer series is so much fun! This Bubble Wand DIY will keep the kids busy when making and offer hours of fun once completed. Now that you have made your bubble refill station, the bubbles will be readily available for this activity as well.

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  • Pipe cleaners
  • Beads
  • Bubbles 
  • Small bowl


Step 1. Take two ends of pipe cleaner and twist them together, leaving the top in a circle shape.

Step 2. Place beads onto the twisted pipe cleaner ends and pushing them to the top. Create any color pattern you like.

Step 3. After filling the two cleaners with beads, fold the end of the pipe cleaners up to hold the beads in place.

Step 4. Fill up a small bowl with bubbles and dip the circle end of the wand into the bubbles. Blow on the wand to make bubb

Bubble Wand Video

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