Hello my name is Diana and I love to make Easter breakfast! ;) Everything about a special holiday breakfast excites me. Coming up with the new festive ideas, and executing them. I love making fun and simple holiday themed foods and brightening my girl’s day. I’m so thankful that they love and look forward to the fun holiday foods as much as me.


Do you struggle coming up with Holiday breakfast ideas? I have made the cutest Easter breakfast yet. It doesn’t require any special ingredients, and it isn’t hard to make at all. Its bunny “Easter” eggs. Adorable eggs and added items to make an Easter bunny with whiskers. Your kids are going to love it.    

Ingredients to make Easter bunny eggs 


I love this recipe because it’s made with items you probably already have. I hate having to make a special trip to the store just to make certain meals. I’m much more of an improviser and make it up as I go. So I am going to share ideas that follow that idea, like this one.

All that is needed for this delicious fun Easter bunny are;

  • Sunny side up eggs.  You could also choose to do over easy. That bright yellow yolk makes for a great added touch for the bunny.
  •  Strips of bacon ripped in half. Cooked to your liking :)
  •  Shredded cheese. I used cheddar, but any kind will do
  •  Edible eyes. You could definitely improvise on the eyes as well. Olives, or a dollop of ketchup would work just the same.
  • How to make Bunny eggs 

In 4 simple steps, I am going to show you just how easy it is to make these bunny Easter eggs.


Step 1: Make your eggs. I think the sunny side up eggs work best for the bunny face. But you could absolutely make them over easy if that is how you prefer them.


Step 2: Add 1 strip of cooked bacon. It is best if the bacon strip is ripped in half. These will be on top of the egg for the bunny’s ears.


Step 3: Place shreds of cheese on each side of the yolk for your bunny whiskers.


Step 4: Add your edible eyes just above the yolk, but below the bacon for the eyes.


Step 5: Ohh Ahhh and Enjoy!


Substitutions for the bunny Easter egg

The beauty of this recipe is that when substitutions are needed and used, it still works out so well!


Eggs- Yes I think the sunny side up eggs work the best, but you can cook your eggs any way your kids prefer. Even scrambled laid in a circle on your plate will totally work.


Cheese- I used cheddar, but any kind of cheese laid down as little bunny whiskers will be super cute. If you don’t have cheese you could even use a little squirt of ketchup. Or even cut some toast up into thin strips.


Bacon- Any kind of bacon would work for this. You could also use the same toast cut out pieces you used as the whiskers if that’s all you have. It would make a great dipper for your eggs too.


Fun and interactive.


Edible eyes- This one is just fun, and with as much fun food as I do in my house I always have these on hand. But you could just use just about anything else for the eyes. Olives, a small piece of breakfast sausage. Let your imagination roll!



I really hope that I was able to show you the magic in this simple Easter bunny breakfast. I love making magical easy holiday breakfasts for my family. My dream is that you too can learn that the magical “Pinterest style” meals are easy and possible for anyone!


If you really enjoyed these bunny eggs. I just know you will equally love my bunny pancakes or my bunny cinnamon rolls.  They are also super simple and fun!

 Have a hoppy Easter :)