Scott and I like to have a lot of date nights at home. Going out when you have kids can be expensive. The cost of the babysitter and the restaurant really add up. We started to really be intentional with our time and home and adding these special touches to make it feel like a real date night.

Our Chocolate Fondue Dessert board

Fondue Dessert Board

One of our favorite date night ideas was this Fondue Desser Board we made for Valentines Day one year when we decided to stay in.

Wait who am I kidding, we stay in every Valentines Day.

I used some of our favorite sweet treats to customize this fondue so I encourage you to really think about your partner and what they love.

For me adding those little things, letting your partner know that you are thinking of them, is what makes these stay at home dates really special.

For us, a fondue dessert board is just a way to let each other know that our relationship is worth the effort.

What things do you do with your loved one to make them feel special?

Fondue Dessert board ideas

Here are some other things you could add to your dessert board:

  • Any kind of fruit. I personally love bananas and apples with chocolate.
  • pretzels, crackers, wafers
  • marshmallows
  • pieces of cake, especially angel food cake
  • any other dips like caramel or whipped cream
  • donuts or cookies

An Easy Way to Make Chocolate Fondue

  1. Bring one cup of heavy whipping cream to a simmer. Do this slowly while stirring.
  2. Use about 8 ounces of chocolate. If you have bars cut it up into pieces, or you can use chocolate chips.
  3. Add chocolate to the cream and continue to stir until all chocolate is mixed.
  4. I like to add muy chocolate in slowly to make it easier.

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Chocolate fondue dessert board

Chocolate fondue board