Every year at the beginning of December we give our girls a special gift, it’s our Christmas book and pajama tradition! You’re probably wondering, why not wait until Christmas? Well first, it signifies the start of a really magical season. Plus I want them to be able to use them all month long. The holiday tradition of a Christmas book and Christmas pajama set is one of the family traditions we’ve been doing since they were really little. I have so much fun decorating the gift wrapping of their new Christmas pajamas and book and making them look extra special. 

My girls all have different tastes, so picking out special new pajamas is always fun. They could be matching holiday pajamas for you and your kids, or you can buy them according to each child’s style. I like to find them in my kids’ favorite colors and then find a matching book and fun ribbon to wrap them up. I love adding a special ornament and a name tag to make it and them feel extra special.

Get your new Christmas PJs ready, because I’m going to share some of our favorite Christmas traditions with you. I love decorating, and making fun festive snacks, and throwing our annual North Pole breakfast. Especially our favorite, the Christmas book and pajama tradition. Maybe this will inspire you to start your own Christmas pajamas tradition!

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Christmas book and pajama tradition

Why Christmas Books? 

I’m sure you’re wondering, why books? Why would I choose to add a book to this gift? Well, the answer is short and sweet. My girls love to read and I want to foster that love as much as I can. Reading in our family is such an important way we spend time together. Whether our girls are reading a book to us or we read them as a whole family. It’s a great way to celebrate and spend time as a family during the most wonderful time of the year.

When choosing the perfect new book for each girl, I make sure to take their reading levels into consideration. I know I can pick out a little bit more of a complex book for my oldest, but I know my youngest little girl is going to want more pictures to look at as she reads. I also try to make sure to pick out a book that we can sit down with as an entire family and all enjoy. 

christmas book and pjs for kids

Some of our favorite books are the ones that are based on traditional Christmas stories. For example, we absolutely love The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, and The Night Before Christmas. There is something so magical about introducing the Christmas stories of my childhood to my girls. I have so many fond memories of reading those stories as a child and they are great for children of all ages.

We also love exploring fun new stories and building the Christmas love and a favorite family tradition for my girls to carry on with their kids in the future. Have Yourself a Hairy Little Christmas is a favorite in this house. The room is always filled with laughter when it’s being read. Tough Cookie and Dasher are also some favorites during the holiday season. 

Our Christmas library grows every year, but so does my girls’ love for reading. We welcome a Christmas book flood!

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Jammies

Each of my girls has their own style and interests. For example, my oldest daughter’s favorite color is green, so I was able to find the most perfect green Christmas pajamas that I know she will love. My 2 younger girls love the color pink. So when I was searching for pj’s for them, I knew I needed to combine the Christmas season and the color pink. I was able to find two of the cutest sets of pink unicorn pajamas. 

Perfect Christmas Wrapping 

christmas book and pj tradition

I have a ribbon obsession. I keep ribbons from every holiday and stock up when I find a sale. In my opinion, the way I wrap Christmas gifts requires just as much thought as the present inside the wrappings. I love to mix textures and styles to make it just as unique as each of my girls. 

I want each wrapping to be something I know my girls will love. After all, the wrapping is the first thing you see. I love to include a fun name tag, and matching ornaments or toys that tie into the book I’ve added in. I feel like it helps tie the entire gift together. 

Christmas Book and Pajama Tradition Gifts

christmas book and pj ideas

We’ve always done a fun gift set like this around the holidays. The first year, we did it as a fun Christmas eve present, but we realized we weren’t getting our use out of them by giving them at the end of the season. So at that point, we decided to give them on December 1st. By giving it early, we were able to wear fun matching jammies all month long and they can wear them all the way to the new year.

Elf book 

We love Elf the movie. So to be able to add this fun festive holiday book into our Christmas traditions was exciting. 

Christmas Elf pajamas 

These flannel Elf Christmas pajamas are just the perfect addition to the box. They aren’t too girly either, so boys can wear them also. 

Elf Maple syrup bottle 

What is Elf without maple syrup? And what a perfect excuse to make a fun Holiday breakfast board

Nutcracker music book 

I have some musical loving girls in this house. So they absolutely love the nutcracker. They sing and dance and now we can read this before bed. 

Girls Nutcracker ballet jammies 

These pink Christmas pajamas seem to fit so well in my house. My girls love pink. So be able to find nutcracker pajamas in pink and that feel like Christmas…score!

Christmas Nutcracker Ornament 

Nothing would be more synonymous with this musical/book than a real nutcracker. This one is fun and can be hung as an ornament on the tree too. 

Green is for Christms book 

Such a fun book for the kids about making sure everyone is included. And it gets the Christmas spirit in there. 

Green Christmas tree pjs

I love these Christmas tree pajamas. And these as well could be used by boys or girls. 

Crayons Christmas ornament 

And with a book about the crayons, we need a special ornament to add to the tree. So why not choose a box of crayons. 

Our own Christmas Pajama Tradition 

We have so many fun and magical Family Christmas traditions, but I think this is on my list as my favorite. There is something so special about spending the month of December wearing festive matching family jammies. 

I like to make sure that each gift is unique and just as special as each of my girls. I take into consideration their favorite color, and what their current interests are. 

I also love this fun tradition, because it can be gifted for other occasions. I’ve given this book and PJ gift as a present before. There is just something so personable about being able to pick out the perfect set of pajamas and matching book. 

Well did I do it? Did I show you how fun and simple this Christmas tradition can be? Making magical holiday memories doesn’t have to be expensive or huge or over the top. Sometimes the smallest memories are the ones that last and stick in your head the longest. I hope that I was able to share with you one of our favorite little traditions. If you’re looking for some more Christmas tradition ideas check out my post about other fun Christmas PJs or the festive Christmas sheets we love to use. 

I’ve also got the best festive holiday book list. Your kids will look forward to reading these all season long.

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