It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is filled with magic, especially when you incorporate your traditions. There are so many fun activities I love to do during Christmas to get everyone into the holiday spirit, that it is pretty hard to keep track of it all. I loved my Halloween Bucket List so much that I decided I definitely needed one for Christmas too! Here is my ultimate Christmas bucket list with all of our favorite holiday activities you will love to do with your family for the whole month of December! Keep reading to get ideas for your own bucket list and make all kinds of new memories while you’re spreading Christmas cheer!

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Family Christmas Bucket List

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Family Christmas Bucket List

Here’s a list of all the fun things we love to do during the Christmas season! 

  • Hunt for the perfect tree – we used to be real tree people but I have totally moved over the fake tree side and I am not mad about it one bit. I do miss picking our tree each year but we just make a visit to the farm instead and the girls are just as happy.
  • Kiss under the mistletoe – I can never get too many little kisses from my sweet girls…or my hubby!
  • Eat a candy cane – This one should be pretty easy to check off your list, especially if you visit Santa at the mall.
  • Donate toys to kids in need – Here’s something we do all year long, but makes for a special tradition at Christmas time.
  • Sing Christmas Carols – While our neighborhood doesn’t really do this, it’s something we are going to try this year. A classic Christmas carol makes everyone smile!
  • Hang Twinkle Lights – We have so many strands of twinkle lights that we put around the house. Each one brings joy!
  • Bake Cookies – Another great way to do this is to have all of your friends bring over a dozen and have a contest.
  • Wear Christmas Jammies – This is something that I will continue to do every Christmas that everyone’s willing.
  • Make Paper Snowflakes – Such an easy and simple craft that is always so much fun to do together.
  • Decorate the Tree – This one sometimes gets done in our house before December.
  • Christmas Shopping – Time shopping without the kids is necessary and therapeutic. Check out this Non-Toy Gift Guide.
  • Wrap Presents – If you have the right tools, Christmas Gift Wrapping can be lots of fun.
  • Send a Homemade Christmas Card – Just letting someone know that you took the extra time on their card is special.
  • Write a Letter to Santa – This one goes for the adults too. Putting our dreams on paper gives us all hope.
  • Build a Snowman – Although a but easier in the Northern states, still fun to do with synthetic snow.
  • Drink Hot Cocoa – Even if you live somewhere warm, this one seems to brighten the spirits. Make a hot chocolate bar for movie night at home with the family!
  • Make an Ornament – There’s lots of ways to do this one, just be sure to do it together as a family.
  • Read a Christmas Book – One of our favorite things to do almost every night in December.
  • Driving for Christmas Lights – This is another one of our favorite things to do! We love to dress in our pjs, pack some popcorn, and drive through neighborhoods. (My husband has the 1-5 honk scoring method for how much we like the lights and the girls get a kick out of it!)
  • Random Acts of Kindness – Something that we try to make time for all year round, but especially during Christmas.
  • Wish a Stranger a Merry Christmas – Goes hand in hand with acts of kindness, but keeping it simple.
  • Build Gingerbread Houses – Not only build one, but have a friendly competition around it with all of your family members.
  • Visit Santa – While visiting Santa at the Mall is the most common, there are some amazing Santa’s at theme parks.
  • Go Ice Skating – Find your local ice skating rink, make sure to stretch out, and have an awesome time.
  • Watch a Christmas Movie – This time, challenge yourselves to watch a Christmas movie you’ve never seen.
  • Hang Stockings – Make this an event with fun music and cookies to create special memories and a Christmas tradition!
  • Take a Family Christmas photo – Doing this somewhere new each year is a fun tradition and you can use the photos for Christmas cards.
  • Wear a Christmas Sweater – Whether its an ugly Christmas sweater or your favorite comfy one, just wear it! 
  • Listen to Christmas Music – Make sure you listen to the classics like White Christmas by Bing Crosby.
  • Snuggle by the Fire – If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, use it to cozy up with the whole family and ready Christmas books or watch a Hallmark movie!
  • Give a Gift to a Stranger – Ready to take the act of kindness to another level, bless someone with a gift this season. It’s a wonderful way to teach your kids about the gift of giving.
  • Use Advent Calendars – Whether you share one as a family or everyone gets their own, this is the perfect way to generate excitement about Christmas and a fun way to countdown until the big day!

I hope these Christmas Bucket List ideas give you some ideas to make your own Christmas bucket list that brings you so much joy and memories this year! 

You don’t have to use the whole thing, you can use it for inspiration to add to your own list of fun ideas to do each day of December!

Christmas bucket list with Santa

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Christmas Bucket List

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