I love shopping for Christmas. Searching the internet trying to find the perfect gift that I know my girls will love. In our house we follow the 4 gift rule. Something they want, need, wear, and read. It works really well and helps me stay organized (and on budget) when shopping. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old girls. You will see a mix of useful items, things then need, and toys at the top of my 5 years olds wishlist.

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Gift ideas for 5 year old girls

Tonie Box

This is a really great interactive tool for young learners.

Tool Kit

Such a great way to encourage working with tools.


These are some of the best toothbrushes for kids.

Belle Dress

Perfect for those princess dresses moments.

Coffee Maker

So fun to play coffee barista in the mornings.

Colorful Blocks

Must have blocks for all sorts of imaginative play.


Adorable little friend for any room or playroom.

Balance Beam

Here’s a great addition to the gym area of your playroom.


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Squishy Little Dumplings

This is a silly but very fun toy that our girls love.

Paint Sticks

Such a nice addition to the art cart.

Wooden Waffle Set

Another way to get them playing in the mornings.

Floral Boots

Great for outdoor play and rainy days.


This is adorable in person and very lifelike.


Work great with la[tops and other travel devices.

Pink Hat

Very fashionable little hat for lots of occasions.

Door Frame Play House

This thing is very cool and the kids really enjoy.

Baby Flamingo

Super cuddly and friendly little flamingo.


Comfortable and versatile shoe for school and activities.

Princess Blocks

We really like these at our house.

Unicorn chopsticks

Fun way to learn how to use other types of utensils.

Moon Stacking Game

Very cool game that is easy for all ages.

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