As they get older it becomes even harder to come up with Christmas gift ideas, especially for 8 year old girls. I created this gift guide with special attention to detail and some help from my very own 8 year old expert. There’s some very unique items mixed with some very trendy ones to try and round out a perfect Christmas gift guide lineup for your 8 year old girls.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for 8 year old girls

Christmas Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Girls


This is a beautiful puzzle that is perfectly sophisticated for any 8 year old girl. All of my littles love puzzles and this is a great way to get my 8 year old back in the spirit of something she’s always loved.

Big Dreams Journal

A charmingly illustrated journal where your 8 year old can write about their dreams and be inspired by famous quotes. My eldest loves to write her ideas and sketches in her current journal, but will absolutely adore this guided dream journal.

Rhinestone Headphones

These headphones are glamourous and functional. They have dancing LED’s, wireless capability, and remote control. These would be great for road trips, listening to audible books, or playing their keyboard without distractions.

Star sneakers

I have a tough time finding attractive athletic shoes for my 8 year old girl, (really not easy at any age) but these sneakers check all the boxes. They have a classic look with just enough sparkle to be a regular go to for walking, bike riding or just a trip to the mall with Mom.

I also really love this style too!

Nintendo Switch

Here’s a Christmas gift idea for 8 year old girls and boys alike. The Nintendo Switch is all the rage right now and allows single and multiplayer gaming. Right now, Best Buy is offering an amazing deal on a Mario bundle that is sure to go quickly.

Tie Dye Pjs

PJ’s are sometimes tough to pick out for an 8 year old, so finding the ones that are stylish and comfy are key. Made with comfortable cotton and a snug fit, these pj’s are going to be a staple for my 8 year old.

Garmin Vivofit Jr

This is one of the top-rated kids fitness/activity trackers that help with reminders to complete their chores and accomplish tasks like brushing their teeth and getting in 60 min. of physical activity. They have the Jr 2 and 3 with lots of colors to choose from, also come in Disney Princess and Marvel designs.


Here’s a really cool beginner skateboard for girls that is small yet durable and comes with glittery wheels that light up at night. Be sure to check out the suggested protective gear to go along with this sweet board.

Helmet and Pads

Can’t have that beginner skateboarder without impact resistant protection. This protective gear set can be used for biking and other sports and come in several colors to match their new rides.

Hair Clips

These floral inspired enamel with gold toned slides will be a great accessory to any 8 year old girl’s wardrobe.

Barbie Color Reveal

Here is a really fun twist on the classic Barbie collection that is a great gift idea for 8 year old girls and really girls of any age. With seven surprises in each package, these color reveal metallic Barbie’s are a seaside surprise.

Video Camera

With social media on the rise, every little girl wants to be the next big influencer, so let them start creating. This camera comes with all the tools needed to produce video content for their sisters, friends and family before going big time.

Frosty Treats Jewelry Kit

Such a cute spin on jewelry making that comes with ice cream inspired supplies to create their own fancy accessories. This would be such a good party activity and even comes in an ice cream pint container.

Maileg Mouse

This is a gem by the Moulin Roty toy company that comes in a beautiful little trunk. It is an eight piece trunk set that features the most adorable ballerina mouse, Valise.

Star Robe

My 8 year old girl is always borrowing my robe and hair towels after bathing. Not only will she love this robe design, but it is on sale right now at Target for only $12.


If your girls do not already have the iconic Kaboodle, this is a must have for 8 year old’s. It has a spacious interior with a flip up mirror and removable tray for the best organization for anything. My girls would have ten of them.

Portable Nail Dryer

Not sure about your 8 year old, but mine is obsessed with all of my cosmetics and especially my nail polish. This portable nail dryer they can use anywhere.

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