‘Tis the season to jingle all the way into your kitchen and sprinkle some holiday magic on snack time. We love a themed snack and holidays are our favorites! Christmas quesadillas are full of cheesy, festive goodness that will have your little ones cheering for more.

Quesadillas are one of the easiest things to make and they’re great because they’re always a hit with the kids! These Christmas quesadillas are so cute and so simple, you’ll love making them and your kids will get a big kick out of them too! In just a few easy steps and with just a few simple ingredients, you’ll have a healthy and festive Christmas snack!

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What You’ll Need to Make These Christmas Quesadillas

All you need to put these adorable creations together are a few basic ingredients:

  • Small flour tortillas
  • Whatever kind of shredded cheese your kids like on the inside
  • A slice of cheddar cheese
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Avocados or the pre-made guacamole single serving packs

You can add whatever else you or your kids like on the inside of the quesadilla, as long as it will taste good with the Christmas tree toppings.

Christmas Quesadillas

How to Make Christmas Quesadillas

You’ll make this adorable meal in just a few minutes and then you can be amazed at how much credit you get for it! Make your quesadillas as usual. While they’re cooking, cut the cherry tomatoes in half, mash the avocado (unless you’re using pre-made guacamole packets), and cut star shapes out of the slice of cheddar cheese. Don’t overthink trying to make the start perfect, it will be obvious what it is once it’s on the quesadilla tree.

Once your quesadillas are cooked, let them cool a little and them spread a thin layer of avocado or guacamole over them and cut them into four triangle pieces. Once they’re cut, place cherry tomato halves cut side down strategically to look like Christmas ornaments. Top your tree with the cheese star and that’s it! You’ve got adorable little Christmas tree quesadillas that the whole family will love!

Christmas Quesadillas Video

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