With this extra free time on our hands, and the happiest place on earth being closed, we decided to make a little Disney magic at home. The girls and I came up with some simple craft ideas. Everything from a coloring sheet to a homemade crown. We dressed in Cinderella dresses and spent most of the day doing these 5 activities. The girls had so much fun with our Cinderella crafts for kids and we really hope you little ones do too! 

Cinderella crafts for kids

Cinderella crafts for kids

Cinderella coloring sheet

  • Cinderella printable pack
  • coloring supplies like crayons/markers/colored pencils

My girls love to color so I had to make them their own Cinderella coloring sheet. Help Cinderella get ready for the ball with this printable.

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Cinderella glass slipper craft

Cinderella’s glass slipper craft

  • Cinderella printable pack
  • glue
  • gems/glitter/supplies to decorate your shoe

Use the printable from the Cinderella play pack and let your kids decorate it with gems, stickers, glitter, and paint. Just look for anything you have in your home. Get creative. My girls decorated their slippers and spent a good amount of time adding all of the details. I think they worked on it for 45 minutes. That is a successful craft in my eyes!


Fairy Godmothers wand

  • Cardstock
  • coloring supplies like crayons/markers/colored pencils
  • glue
  • paper straw or popsicle stick
  • gems/glitter/supplies to decorate
  • ribbon

Trace two pieces of card stock or construction paper with a star cookie cutter or just freehand it. Cut it out. Let your child decorate it any way they would like. You can even use leftover gems from the glass slipper craft. Attach the two sides to a paper straw. Use ribbons or yarn and tie to the top of the straw where it meets the star. You can even add glitter to give you wand that extra magic

Cinderella Handwriting Sheet

  • Cinderella printable pack
  • Pencils

Help your children practice their handwriting with this Cinderella handwriting worksheet. 

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Cinderella Printable

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Cinderellas Crown 


  • pipe cleaners
  • pony beads

This is very simple and you can customize this based on what you have in your house. I used pipe cleaners to make the shape of the crown. Before you attach the cleaners together you can have your child pipe pony beads to give it an extra glam look. I used two pipe cleaners to make the base and then a few more to make the peaks. There is no wrong way really so let your child experiment with a style they like. Also, it doesn’t have to be a crown you can make any cinderella jewelry you would like. Pipe cleaners are so much fun

Simple Cinderella Crafts for kids

And there you have it! Some Activities for the Cinderella lovers in your house. 

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