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Where should I start if I want to start homeschooling?

Deciding to homeschool is a difficult decision all around, I know I’ve been there. Beyond the obvious decisions like what method, what curriculum, or what does our school day look like, it comes down to mindset. I feel like once I had all the information, it was really about making the commitment that this was something we were choosing to do as a family and jumping all in. I have some resources to help if you are thinking about taking this leap of faith. This Youtube video is a great place to start. My post on getting started comes with a lot of resources too! The biggest help is my Homeschool Beginners Guide which is a 35 page resource for new homeschooling parents.

How many countries have you visited?

As a family we’ve traveled to 16 countries so far. Most recently we traveled to Morocco, Greece, and Portugal. My husband and I have collectively traveled to over 30 countries. Aside from countries, we’ve seen much of the United States, taken numerous cruises, and explored nearly every part of our home state of Florida. We’re hoping to add a few more countries to our list this year.

What’s something you couldn’t travel without?

While we travel often, we still pack very minimally, but there are still those few items that I make sure to pack on every trip. My camera for sure, a great pair of shoes for sightseeing, and a small bag to take with me for day trips. If you are looking for even more of my favorites read my post called “travel must haves”. You can also find most of those items in my Amazon storefront.

Does your spouse have a full time job?

He actually recently resigned from his 9 to 5 to join me here. We never imagined that sharing our love for travel would create a full time business for our family. If you have ever been interested in content creation, now is the time to take that leap of faith.

How can you afford to travel so often?

We haven’t always traveled as much as we do now. When our girls were little we took 1 to 2 trips a year and most of them were close to home. We also cruised a lot because it was an easy way to see new destinations with our littles. As the girls grew so did our need for more adventurous travel. Now that we are full time content creators we do get to travel a lot for work but we still focus on budgeting, shopping for deals, and using points to travel as much as we can.

What do you use to take pictures on our trip?

Honestly we don’t use that much, and take 90% of our photos and videos using our phone. Our motto is the best camera equipment is the one you have with you so we taught ourselves how to use our phones the best we can! And we use our mobile Lightroom presets to edit which gives our pictures that cohesive look. Want to find out what equipment we use, read our camera equipment post.

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