We love movies so it’s no surprise that family movie night is one of my kids favorite nights.

I have some tips to make your next family movie night extra special and one your kids will be asking for again and again.


  1. Get snuggled up in your favorite pjs with lots of pillows and blankets. You don’t even have to stay on the couch. You can grab an air mattress and take your movie watching and snacks to the floor. My girls love grabbing their mermaid tail blankets, its fun and whimsical and gets them all excited for their favorite mermaid movie.
  2. Create a snack bar. Let your kids pick out their favorite snacks and they will get really excited when you bring them out when its time to start the movie. My girls get extra excited when I put them in little bowls for them to pick, that way they can have a little of everything. One of my girls favorite snacks is Goldfish® crackers, they will even pick Goldfish® over popcorn most movie nights.
  3. Make it a movie theatre experience with your very own movie ticket. I have created a free printable for you to use.
  4. Make sure you snuggle up close and enjoy the movie with them. Having you right there next to them is just as important as making these fun experience for them. Get comfy, hold them close, and grab the popcorn, or if you are like me grab the Goldfish® crackers. They are my favorite.

For more fun ideas from Goldfish® crackers visit their Pinterest page or Youtube channel