We recently returned from a fabulous cruise of the Carribean with my kids, and one of our favorite destinations was Amber Cove. If you are not a frequent cruiser with Carnival, then you may not have had the opportunity to visit Amber Cove just yet. Amber Cove is one of the properties that you can now visit located in the Dominican Republic. Amber Cove’s cruise terminal area is pretty new, and there is a whole bunch of areas open for those looking for something unique. If you are visiting Amber Cove with kids, here are a few things you may want to know before you go.

Things to know about Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

Located in Puerto Plata Province, Amber Cove can be found in the Dominican Republic. This location has recently opened for cruise lines, but the area is rich with natural history. Amber Cove is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and combines the beautiful historic colonial architecture with a new modern twist from some of the greatest ports all over the world! There are over thirty acres of waterfront property, including plenty of entertainment and retail spots for shopping for those who visit.

Cruising to Amber Cove with kids - everything there is to do at Carnival's cruise port

Highlights from our trip to this Cruise Port

Amber Cove was one of my favorite destinations here for one big reason. Almost everything here was free! While there were plenty of paid opportunities for guests, there were also plenty of free options that you could take advantage of while you were here. There was a large pool for the kids to swim in, that had a relaxing lazy river, and a bunch of slides and play areas for the kids! 

They had massive water slides, note you need to be 48 inches to ride, making this a hit for my family. There was also some adult fun too! There was a fantastic sky bar that had a breathtaking view, and a swim-up bar right there in the pool! We also took advantage of the zip line that was available there. It will cost you about $20 for a full day pass.

What to do with your kids in Amber Cove?

In my opinion, especially if you have young kids, I would stay close by at this port. Carnival did such a good job with Amber Cove and we really were impressed with all it had to offer.

  • Kids splash area – I was pleasantly surprised to see a dedicated kids’ area in Amber Cove. This had 3 small water slides, and water features the kids could splash around in.
  • Lazy river – THis isnt exactly a lazy river as there isn’t any jets pushing you but this was such a cool element to the pool because we could keep moving/swimming checking out the different areas of this gigantic pool
  • This pool was so big there were different areas dedicated to different guests. There was a swim-up bar and a more party focused area and on the opposite side, the pool has a zero-entry portion which was definitely quieter.
  • Zip lines, large water slides and more for those looking for adventure
  • I was surprised to see so many beach chairs. Most of the shaded ones get taken early in the day but there should be no problem finding one. Bring your towel from the ship, just be sure to return it.
  • Make sure to visit the sky bar. Even though I wouldn’t call this “kid-friendly” because it is a bar, it sure was special and we only stayed with the kids for a minute. The bartenders made the girls a virgin strawberry daiquiri and we had a great time taking in those gorgeous Dominican Republic views.
Cruising to Amber Cove with kids - everything there is to do at Carnival's cruise port

Amber Cove Excursions

Amber Cove has a ton of fantastic excursions available that you can take advantage of both while you are there and from your cruise line. In addition to the excellent water play that was mentioned, and the ziplines, there were so many things we didn’t get the chance to do. You can swim with dolphins, go for a historical tour of the city, visit museums, go deep-sea fishing, drive in an ATV, and even enjoy some of the flavors of the area at one of their many restaurants.

Overall Review

Amber Cove was one of our favorite destinations while on our trip! This is a great family-friendly vacation spot that you should visit if you get the chance on your next cruise or just to visit! While we were only here for a day, we were still able to enjoy and do so much while we were here. I would highly recommend this spot for any family looking for a tropical getaway.

Check out our Video Tour of Amber Cove