I don’t know why, but I always wonder what other moms carry in their diaper bag. Maybe they found this really genius product or really awesome mom hack and I just want to steal it.

I recently went to some of my most trusted mom friends (AKA all of you) and asked what items you keep in your diaper bag at all times. I have come up with a pretty extensive list that will prepare you for any situation.

First it’s important we talk about the diaper bag. You could have all the right items but you need something to carry it in. Not just any bag but a really great diaper bag.

I get asked all the time about my diaper bag recommendations (because I have quite a few) and usually the first thing I say is “well it depends, what’s important to you?”

Are you looking for something stylish that doesn’t scream “I just had a baby and now everything I own must have the most hideous prints”? A diaper bag that can easily second as a stylish handbag? Are you looking for a bag that is affordable but still a great quality? Are you looking for a bag that is functional and filled with pockets, has a cross body strap for hands free use, and even an insulated pocket for those tasty treats? Guys, I have to tell you, I have a bag that does all of this. This Newlie bag is truly amazing and I get stopped constantly asking where I got it (most people are shocked when I tell them its a diaper bag). Best news? It’s extremely affordable and that’s why I am always recommending this bag to my friends. Check out all of the stylish diaper bags Newlie carries HERE. Leave a comment below letting me know which one you love. Do you already have a Newlie bag? Share a picture!

Now that you have the perfect bag lets talk about what you need to fill it.

1.Diapers and Wipes – pretty obvious right?? But here is the thing… Make sure you have enough and the big pack of wipes. Its Murphy’s Law that the day there is a blow out there will also be food all over their face and dirty hands that need to be wiped. The 10 wipe pack just doesn’t cut it

2.Nursing Cover – Find one that is multi-functional. I use mine for nursing, high chair cover, car seat cover, and a blanket.

3. Change of clothes – It doesn’t matter if you have a baby or toddler, kids are just messy. Bring a change of clothes so you aren’t walking around with a naked baby.

4. Gum/Mints – because it might be too late by the time you realized you didn’t have a chance to brush your teeth this morning. Momlife.

5. Water/Snacks – This is my secret weapon. How do I get my kids to stop fussing in the car or let me finish grocery shopping tantrum free?! SNACKS! Also I love this water bottle, easy to clean and doesn’t leak. You can shop it here with free shipping

6. SNACKS РOk I know I already said snacks but unless you can survive off  leftover goldfish and the crusts of PB&J I would suggest packing something for yourself. I love these, guilt free and yummy. I never have time for breakfast so I always keep these hidden in the pockets of my bag.

7. Activities – make sure you have the ammunition for a semi enjoyable dinner out and maybe 3.2 seconds of quiet. My girls love these and I pick them up in the Target Dollar Spot.

8. First Aid – For me this isn’t much. I keep some band aids (and they better have characters on them because brown ones just don’t “work” as well as Elsa ones) and my essential oils (since scraped knees happen every other day) and that is pretty much it. What do you keep in your first aid kit?

9. Sun protection – You and your little need to make sure you are hitting the park in style with some cute shades (hers and mine) and taking care of yourself with sunscreen and a sun hat.

10. Extra Pacifiers – Don’t get caught without one, I make sure I always have a backup.

11. Your “GO-TO” Toy – you never know when you will be faced with the most epic meltdown so have that toy on hand. While you are at it try this to keep the toy attached to the stroller, the car seat, the high chair, so you aren’t having to worry about it hitting the floor. This Sidekick is the best and i even use it for utensils during meal time.

12. Deodorant – Yup, you read that correctly. If you forgot to brush your teeth you probably forgot the deodorant too. I love these wipes, they smell amazing a work great.

13. Changing pad – Soft for babies head and shields them for the obscene amount of germs on public changing table. My Newlie bag came with this, plus there is a perfect pocket for easy access.

So here it is. Some of the items I can’t leave the house without. What do you think of this list? Is there anything I am missing? Please leave a comment and let me know what you have in your bag.