These dirt cups are not only delicious but also a blast to make with your little ones! They make a perfect snack for Summer or a themed treat for Earth Day. My kids loved making these dirt cup desserts!

Imagine layers of chocolatey goodness, crushed cookies, and gummy worms coming together to create an edible “garden” that’s as fun to look at as it is to eat. Trust me, this is one recipe you’ll want to add to your family’s fun repertoire.

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What You’ll Need to Make Dirt Cups

  • Chocolate pudding
  • Oreos
  • Gummy worms

Steps to Make These Simple Dirt Cups

If your kids love helping in the kitchen, this is the perfect snack to get them involved with making.

  1. Start by adding the chocolate pudding to a small jar or cup.
  2. Then put three oreos in a zip lock bag and smash them to make the dirt.
  1. Add the crushed oreos to the top of the pudding.
  2. To finish it off, add gummy worms to the top of the “dirt” and enjoy!

Pro tips: I recommend having some wet wipes handy for kids because this can get pretty messy. It’s also fun to use a clear cup or glass for dirt cups so you can see all of the layers.

Watch the Dirt Cups Video:

I hope you and your kids enjoy making dirt cups together! You can also pair this with a book about the earth, growing flowers, what worms do, or anything else earth-related!

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