After posting about our most recent trip to Epcot with kids I was surprised how many people sent me a message questioning if the park was fun for little ones. Epcot is so incredibly fun for kids! I know Magic Kingdom has the big reputation for being the kids favorite. Its well deserved because it is pretty spectacular. But you might not expect it but Epcot is a really fun park for little ones too. My girls constantly ask to go to Epcot and here is why.

Two parks in one is double the fun

If you haven’t been to Epcot before you might not realize that the park is divided into two major parts. World Showcase and Future World. Both sides of the park have their own attractions and to be honest we love both sides equally but for different reasons. Each side gives you an entirely different experience, World Showcase showing you different cultures around the world and Future World which has most of the rides in the park.

Nemo and all his friends

One of my girls favorite parts of Epcot is The seas with Nemo and Friends ride. This is a slow-moving ride, perfect for the entire family. When you exit the Nemo ride you will see Turtle Talk with Crush which is a fun interactive show where the kids see crush on the screen and get to ask him questions. Again another great one for the whole family and really funny too. Once you finish turtle talk be sure to set some time aside to explore the beautiful aquarium also called Sea Base. My girls love to explore this two-story building looking at dolphins, manatees and exotic fish. Several times throughout the day there is a show with a scuba diver right in the center of sea base. There is also a playground inside Seabase called Bruce’s Shark World. You can definitely spend a few hours with Nemo and all his friends. Educational, engaging and did I mention the a/c which is heavenly during the Florida summers.

Future World – attractions you can’t miss

Future World opens usually 2 hours before World Showcase so be sure to plan your itinerary accordingly.

On the West side of the park is where you will find Nemo and the Sea Base mentioned above as well as SOARIN (grab a FP for this one as its one of the more popular). There is also living with the land which is a slow information ride and not really of interest for my little ones (6 and under) but if you are looking for a quiet ride for nap time this is perfect. There is also a restaurant on the bottom floor of this building called Sunshine Seasons, this is where we usually grab a bite because its quick service and they have healthy/fresh options.

On the East Side of Future World you will find the action packed rides; Mission Space and Test Track. My 6-year-old loves Test Track but my other two are two little to ride. Make sure you ask the Cast Member at the from about the rider swap option. Both of these rides are very popular so I would definitely suggest grabbing a fast pass for these two if you would like to ride them. Otherwise try to be there at rope drop, it shouldn’t have too much of a wait when the park just options. Plus on test track you create your car in the line which makes the time go by a bit faster.

In the Center of Future world you will have Spaceship Earth, which is a slow-moving family friendly ride. Super educational and my girls love it. Also be sure to find the Starbucks by the fountain and Club Cool by Coco-Cola. My girls ask to go here each time we visit because they get to taste sodas from all around the world for free.

There are a few characters sightings in Future World including Mickey and his pals, Baymax, Joy and Sadness, Wreck It Ralph and Venelope.

World Showcase

I think the perception is that World Showcase is only for the adults but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are so many fun things for kids to do in each of the worlds and here are a few of our favorites.

We usually start with Mexico and make our way around the loop from there. You will notice that most of the traffic goes that way as well so you won’t have to bob and weave constantly. My girls love the Gran Fiesta Tour which is a slow boat ride in the back of the Mexico pavilion. Think “its a small world” style so perfect for all. Look for the hidden mickeys, there are a few in there ;)

Before you leave each pavilion be sure to look for the Kidcot Fun spot. You will get a little luggage and collect stamps in your passport in each of the pavilions. Plus there are crafts for the kids to make and take as souvenirs. I really love that the Cast Member at the Fun Spots are from different countries and tell the kids little stories about their home country.

Frozen Ever After in the Norway Pavilion is a must. It’s such a fun ride and great for the whole family. If you can’t get a FP for this one I would suggest trying to go right at 11am when World showcase opens.

World Showcase is the best for character sightings. There are princesses in almost every country along the way. Be sure to check the My Disney Experience app for times.




The fireworks display is called illuminations. Its more of a music, light show, fireworks show. It is beautiful and even though it isn’t my favorite I definitely suggest seeing it at least once. There is usually a FP option for this but I’ve done both and I don’t think the FP is necessary. Try watching from Canada if you don’t have a FP, it’s a great view.

I hope you find this post helpful when planning your trip to Epcot. I hope this encourages you to really enjoy the park, it definitely has its own magic and we genuinely love it. Be sure to follow us on Instagram where we share all kinds of helpful Disney info.

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