Want to take on a DIY balloon Garland for your party? I love making these balloon garlands because they are super simple and very cheap but they add a  dramatic look to your party decor.

I’ve tried every way imaginable to make a garland but I keep coming back to this technique because it is simple and it works. Other options actually didn’t keep the balloons secure and took double the time.

Want to make a garland like the one I made above?Watch this video below to see how. I made this video the might before my daughter’s birthday party so it’s not perfect but it does show you the steps you need to make a garland of your own.





What do you think? Pretty easy right? Leave your questions in the comments below.

HERE is the link for the electric balloon pump I was referring to.

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diy balloon garland

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Have you made a DIY balloon garland before? Did my instructions help? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.