I love doing fun and unique activities with my girls. Even better if they are easy and FREE. Yesterday I did a rainbow skittles science experiment and today I want to share these fun DIY bubble snakes. I used household items and created a fun activity that my girls played with for the whole afternoon.

DIY Bubble Snakes

First, you will need a few things that you can find around your home.

  1. water bottles
  2. old rags
  3. rubber bands or hair ties
  4. a large bowl
  5. dish soap
  6. water
  7. a serrated knife

Start off by cutting the bottoms off the water bottle with your knife.

If you are confused with what I mean you can always refer to my video below.

Then use the rubber bands to tie the rags to the bottom of the water bottle. You will want the rag to cover the opening that was created once you cut off the bottom. Again watching the video might help before starting.

Then fill a bowl with water and add dish soap. I didn’t measure, just eyeballed what I would normally use to make my kids some bubbles.

Next, I dipped the rag side of the water bottle into the solution, making sure I saturated it, then blew through the nozzle.

We found out that blowing slowly worked out best.

Your child can continue to blow to make the longest bubble snake ever. Or they can just play in the tons of bubbles they create like my girls did.

Here is our DIY Bubble Snake video

I hope your kids love this DIY bubble snake activity. My girls ended up playing with this for the whole afternoon!

Bubble snake activity

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