I am in the process of redoing our homeschool room and wanted a large chalkboard to use for parts of our lessons. Of course, that meant I asked my husband to whip up a DIY farmhouse chalkboard for us. In less than an hour, he bought all the supplies and had the chalkboard ready to hang. Yes, he is amazing like that but also this project was so much easier than I could have imagined. My husband figured out this big hack on how to save money and time when making a DIY farmhouse chalkboard and I can’t wait to share.

Here is what you’ll need to get started:

1. 2×4 Chalkboard sheet 

2. 1x4x19 – 2 pieces

3. 1x4x49.5 – 2 pieces

4. Wood glue

5. 3/4 inch flat wood screws

6. Stain or paint

DIY Farmhouse Chalkboard

I owned most of these items so the total project cost was pretty low. Did you know that Home Depot sells pre-made chalkboard sheets? This saves you the extra cost of having to buy chalkboard paint and the extra time to paint and wait for it to dry. This was such a good hack because it changed this from an afternoon project to a 30-minute project. The cost of the chalkboard sheet and wood was less than $20, this project was super budget-friendly.


Here is what we did:

1. Stain or paint the wood pieces to achieve your desired look. Follow can directions to see how long you have to wait until it’s completely dry.

2. Layout the wood pieces to create your frame. Make sure everything is square. Use wood glue in between each wood piece to attach. Hold them together until firm. Be careful because it won’t be completely set. This step just helps things stay together while you attach your chalkboard.

3. Once you have all four pieces attached together making the shape of your frame lay it on the floor upside down (the side you want to show should be facing the floor).

4. Line up the chalkboard sheet (chalk side facing down) on the frame. If you would like you can add a small amount of wood glue to adhere the chalkboard to the wood frame before you start to screw. Make sure you don’t put the glue close to the edge because once you press it will bleed onto your new chalkboard and we don’t want that.

5. Place screws every three inches including the corners.

DIY Farmhouse Chalkboard

And be there you have it. A brand new DIY farmhouse chalkboard that you made all by yourself and you should be so proud. You saved lots of money too because we all know these big chalkboards are super expensive. Give yourself a pat on the back!


Here is a very important tip!!

You need to season your chalkboard!

Have you ever written on a brand new chalkboard and wondered why the markings aren’t wiping off? That’s because the board wasn’t seasoned.

Click here to read my full tutorial on seasoning your chalkboard.


I would love to see your finished chalkboard. Leave me a comment below or tag me on Instagram with your finished product.

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