The fourth activity in my Pinterest Mom Summer series is a BIG hit at my house. These DIY Giant Bubbles should be your kid’s favorite this summer too. Hope you enjoy it!

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diy giant bubbles

These DIY Giant Bubbles will keep your kids busy for a while, which is always a win in summer! Am I right, moms?


It just takes 3 simple things to make giant bubbles:

  • 4 Cups of Water
  • 3/4 Cup of Dish Soap (Dawn worked best)
  • 6 oz of Glycerin


You will need a few supplies to make the bubbles, too:

  • about 3ft of String
  • 2 Straws
  • Tub for the Solution
giant bubbles


Just 5 simple steps to make these DIY Giant Bubbles! I highly recommend leaving them overnight for best results and so your kids can have the most fun possible with them!

Step 1: Pour the water into the container and then slowly add the dish soap.

Step 2: Add in the Glycerin by pouring it in slowly.

Step 3: Very slowly stir the mixture using a large spoon or paddle.

Step 4: Take two straws and run a string through them, then tie off the end.

Step 5: The longer you let the solution sit the better. If you leave it overnight you will see less popping.

diy giant bubbles


Now that you know how to make DIY Giant Bubbles, check out some more of my Pinterest Summer Mom ideas! Tag me on Instagram if you make these! I would love to see your photos!

Giant Bubbles Video

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