This year we decided to think outside the proverbial box and go another way with our gift wrapping. We had seen this done a few times before, but we wanted to execute it in a slightly different manor. We used some different paper and used a different method creating the houses. Overall we were really happy with how it turned out. I’ve decided that we are going to start doing this more in the future. Check out the post as I layout how you too can create some awesome gingerbread house gift wrapping.

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Christmas House Wrapping

Gingerbread House Paper

The first thing you need to do when getting ready to create your own Gingerbread House wrapping is choose the right paper. Brown craft paper is the best for this project. You’re going to need more than you think, so get a larger roll if you have lots of gifts to wrap.

Good Pens for Drawing

Next, you need to find the best paint pen for your style. I tend to like the thinner pens over the thick and heavy ones. Play around with them on some scratch paper or a paper bag to see. Once you’ve selected your White Paint Pen of choice, it’s time to practice a bit. Get a scratch sheet and practice lines, swirls, dots, and really learn what you are capable of. Practice is a really good idea!

Plan out your Gingerbread House

You want to be sure that you use a pencil when you planning out your Gingerbread house. I like using a straight edge or a ruler to make the lines. This method is good for drawing the sides of the house or the roof lines. Also nice having the ruler when you are creating the windows and doors to keep symmetry. You can always erase if you draw lightly enough, so you can be creative.

Gingerbread House Details

Now it’s time to start going over your outline of the Gingerbread houses. Making the lines clear and crisp. Spending time on the snow drifts and the window details. Start making designs over the doors and windows with simple shapes. Feel free to start shading in and creating shadows and smoke. This is the really fun part to me!

Accessorizing the Gift Wrapping

Once you’ve created your Gingerbread House masterpiece its time to add the details. This is where you get out your bows and ribbons. Since the paper and white drawings are so subtle, you can really go big with the decor and add more color. Printing out signs and adding tags is another great way to dress it all up. Time to show off your works of art!

Gingerbread Paper



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