It’s the first of October and for years past the girls got a sweet little Halloween gift from us. This year we talked to them and decided to do something different. We have been so blessed, from our recent cruise to some other halloween gifts they have received like pjs, so we wanted to give back. We decided that this year we would trade in our own baskets for a basket for our neighbors. Today we are going to share how we made our own DIY Halloween Boo Kit.

A Boo kit is a surprise gift for friends and neighbors. It is a secret and starts the season with a heart for giving. More details on how the boo kit works and some free printable so be sure to read until the end!

Pick Up Boo Kit Supplies

We didn’t want to spend a fortune and we didn’t have to. The whole point of this gift is to create a fun surprise for your neighbors to get them into the halloween spirit. We stopped at a few of our favorite discount stores and picked up some inexpensive games/treats/books to fill our basket. Here are some ideas of items that would work perfecty

For more inspiration be sure to read my post on non-candy trick or treat alternatives, there are tons of ideas of inexpensive things to add into your DIY Halloween boo kit.

DIY halloween boo kit

We know that Halloween comes with lots of candy so we like to start this off with healthy halloween treats. Here are some of our favs.

Delivering Your Boo Kit

Now that your boo kit is all set up its time to drop it off! I have created the cutest printable for you to use to let your neighbors know what a boo kit is and what to do next.

Have you ever received a boo kit? Here is how it works.

  1. You drop off the gift with the two printables.
  2. You ring the doorbell and run, you want it to be a surprise!
  3. Your neighbor sees the gift and the instructions, telling them to put the “we’ve been booed” sign in their window so they don’t get booed again.
  4. You neighbor comes to my site to print another sign absolutely free and continues the giving all over again

Getting your free printable is easy. Just fill out the form below and we will email it to you in just a few minutes!

Halloween Boo Kit

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There you go!

A special way to spread the Halloween excitement with your very own DIY Halloween Boo Kit!

DIY Halloween Boo Kit

I hope you enjoyed these printables. If you use them I would love to see it. Tag me on Instagram!

Want to get some more halloween inspiration? Be sure to check out our halloween page with tons of info from fun and festive lunches to costume inspiration.