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Traveling with kids, I’m sure you know things can get messy fast. You’re trying to find activities to entertain them, but what happens when you lose pieces? They have a meltdown and cannot continue on. Never mind trying to figure out what can hold a little one’s attention for more than 5 minutes and isn’t a screen either. 

I have the most mastermind idea ever! This next hack will not only entertain your kids, but it also keeps all those small little pieces together in one spot. No more dropping a piece and searching and searching trying to find it. This DIY magnetic puzzle will allow your kids to spend time putting a puzzle together, but also no worry from you about dropping any pieces! 

So come see, how I was able to put together this easy DIY magnetic puzzle hack. 

What is needed for a DIY magnetic puzzle 

I really love this hack because it’s super simple. And in total it cost me $3 to put together. This hack is so easy, and the kids can even get involved and help put this together. I love when I can get my kids involved in stuff. Here’s what you’ll need for this hack. 

  • A metal cookie sheet. This can be stored and reused for future trips. You can even just pull a cookie sheet out of your cupboard. A special cookie sheet is not needed for this! 
  • Magnets. You’ll want ones that have a peal and side on one and the magnet on the other. 
  • Puzzles. The beauty of this hack.. ANY puzzle you want. What are your kids’ favorite tv shows or movie characters? Favorite animal? The world is your oyster here! 

How to make your magnetic puzzle 

This hack is just so easy.. It will probably take you less than 5 minutes to put together. 

Set your timers.. On your mark… get set… go! 

Step 1: Lay your puzzle pieces out image side down. 

Step 2: Cut your magnet strips so they will fit onto the back of your puzzle pieces. Just a small piece is needed. 

I’m sure you can see where this is going..

Step 3: Remove the backing of your cut magnet and stick the pieces to the backs of the puzzle. 

This can be stored back in the puzzle bag or box and be used over and over again. This isn’t a one time hack. And once your kids are done with puzzle number 1. Have them put it away and move onto the next puzzle. 

The hack that keeps on giving. 

How to make it even more fun 

Yes, keeping the kids occupied with lots of fun puzzles is great. But sometimes for the older kids, puzzles aren’t as fun. I’ve got a fun idea on how to make it even more fun for them. 

Select a puzzle that is the appropriate age and number of pieces for each kid. Then set a timer and see who can get done the fastest. 

Maybe the winner gets a prize? 

You can also have the kids work together on a harder larger puzzle. This may require a larger cookie sheet if we’re talking about a really large one. But that one is sure to pass plenty of time on your long trip. 

I really truly hope I was able to show you an easy and effective way to pass time when on a road trip, or any vacation, with your kids. 

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