Here is one of favorite crafts for the Pinterest Mom Summer series that was inspired by a trip to the butterfly garden at Epcot. The girls had an awesome time creating these and displaying them in our windows around the house. Follow along below and watch the video to make your DIY Suncatcher.

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What You Will Need:

  • contact paper
  • black construction paper
  • butterfly or other template
  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • yarn or twine

Create Your DIY Suncatcher:

  • Trace the butterfly template onto a piece of black construction paper and cut it out.
  • Fold the butterfly shape in half and cut about an inch from around the outline of the shape.
  • Cut a piece of contact paper just larger than the butterfly.
  • Peel the backing off and stick the frame to the sticky side.
  • Cut a variety of colors of tissue paper into small squares and place on the contact paper with some overlapping.
  • Take a second piece of contact paper, peel off the backing, and place it sticky side down on top of the butterfly.
  • Trim the excess contact paper off around it and cut out a little hole into one of the butterfly wings.
  • Run the yarn through and tie in a knot. Now your butterfly is ready to hang in the window. You made a suncatcher!
@mrsblinksWishing we were back at Epcot. We love the butterfly garden by @gogosqueez ##pinterestmomtiktok ##gogoxdisney @disneyparks

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