Usually a “buy my costume off amazon” kind of gal but this year I challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone and try some DIY toddler halloween costumes. I was so surprised with how easy they were to make, how little money they cost and how much fun I would have! Here are some easy DIY costumes I made for Hazel with tutorials. We hope this brings you a tiny bit of inspiration and try to make your own fun DIY toddler halloween costumes this year.

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DIY Pineapple Costume

This costume is about as simple as it gets. Using a few sheets of construction paper. Cut out leaves (long and skinny work best) and glued them to a toilet paper roll. Once it was dry I used my hot glue gun to glue two flaps to a headband. Wear a cute yellow dress (this one is from and you are done. I want to steal this idea for myself, it would be perfect for a work party.

DIY Wicked Witch Costume

DIY toddler Halloween costumes

Black dress, a little headband with some construction paper, fun tights and sticks from your yard. That’s it, super simple is the name of this game and this easy witch costume is as easy as it gets. Makes it easier when they’re sleeping! HaHa

DIY Astronaut Costume

DIY astronaut costume

Astronaut costume took a little more effort compared to the other two but totally worth it in the end.

Here is what you need:

  • 1.white clothes
  • 2. black electrical tape
  • 3. patches (i got mine here)
  • 4. empty water bottles, spray paint and feathers for the boosters
  • 5. glue gun

Spray paint the water bottles and then glued them together. Glue the feathers on the inside to look like fire and two rubber bands at the top for arm holes. Use some electrical tape to create the parts of the spacesuit and attached the patches with sticky adhesive. The moccasins were a cute little touch, you can buy them here.

DIY Alien Costume

DIY toddler Halloween costumes

Hot glue a few eyeballs to some pipe cleaners and attach those to a head band. Your little one will be quite the looker.

DIY Scarecrow Costume

DIY toddler Halloween costumes

Used straw from an old Hawaiian hula skirt I had and stuffed it under one of my daughters straw hats. Overalls from her closet and a little face paint using lipstick and eyeliner and we were done. Love this cute little scarecrow. Easiest DIY toddler halloween costume yet!

DIY Gumball machine Costume

DIY toddler Halloween costumes

Busted out my glue gun to attach the pompoms to a paper plate. Glued a few to a plain headband. After that, I wrote $0.25 on a piece of black construction paper and used adhesive stickers to attach it to her dress. Don’t think she realizes that she is dressed as candy otherwise she would have a totally different reaction.

Do you dress your little one in DIY toddler halloween costumes?

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DIY Toddler Halloween costumes