I took the family to an early screening of the new Dreamworks Trolls movie.

I was instantly excited to share these lovable characters from my childhood with my own children. I had quite a collection of the little guys when I was younger. Maybe it was the long fluffy hair, or the cute gem adorned tummy, or the bright colors and sweet smells. Whatever it was my sister and I were obsessed.

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-3-45-58-pmWhen I heard there was a Troll Movie in the works I was thrilled. My girls were excited to get their first little troll, a Princess Poppy, and I was excited to start this tradition with them. I am sure there will be many more trolls in our future.

The day of the screening we sat with our popcorn in hand, anxious to see what the movie would entail.


My girls loved it. The Trolls were fun loving, the story was exciting and original, and the MUSIC (OH THE MUSIC) was phenomenal. I caught myself tapping my foot and signing along quite a few times through the movie. Justin Timberlake not only played the character Branch but he was also the music producer for the soundtrack. He is a musical genius because the music had a life of its own and made the movie so so good. I will be buying the soundtrack, it was that good!

I love movies that cater to kids but also to the parents who take their kids to the movies. My husband and I would look at each other and chuckle. This movie is really funny! The girls would see us laugh and they would laugh too even though they didn’t catch the joke. It was so cute.


Overall we can not wait for Dreamworks Trolls to open tomorrow, Friday November 4th. We want to go see it again, I could say my kids want to see it again but truthfully I want to as well!

Do you like seeing movies with your kids? If so this has to be on your list. I would highly suggest going to see this movie tomorrow, you’ll be singing the night away.

Now I have to go, Its “hug time”