One of my favorite Holidays of the year, Easter. I love to spend time with family, go to church, and have our own little Easter egg hunt in our backyard. I also love to curated little Easter gifts to show my girls how much I love them. Each year they are a little different. I have some special gifts for when they are babies, and then I did a pool/swimming theme, and this year we are doing a gardening theme. Here are some of my favorite picks for an Easter Basket for little girls.

Easter Basket for little girls

Easter Basket For Little Girls

This Easter Basket for little girls was so fun for me to create. Easter is the perfect time for us to really spend a lot of time outside so I thought what better way than to get my girls little gifts that promote that.

Easter basket for little girls

I started off with an unconventional “basket” and used a pair of rain boots to stuff all the goodies in. Some of the larger items sitting next to the boots.

Everything from the adorable customized name tag to the Butterfly kit is an item we have and absolutely love. Of course we had to throw in our favorite bows too.

Easter basket for little girls

What To Put In Your Easter Basket

Use this slider below to shop the items in our basket and a few other cute gardening ideas I loved. Really anything that promotes playing outside will be perfect for this gardening themed Easter Basket. Be sure to check out your Target dollar spot and Walmart for inexpensive finds as well.



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baby girls first easter basket



Baby girl’s first Easter Basket.








little girls easter basket ideas




Little Girls Easter Basket








Do you create a themed Easter Basket for your kids? What have been some of their favorite items? I would love to read about them in the comments below. Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my favorite items for an Easter Basket for little girls.


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