Buying gifts for babies might be the hardest thing ever. There really isn’t much a baby needs when it comes to gifts. I try to think about things they can grow into and toys or necessities they might use in the near future. I have 3 girls at home and although they aren’t babies anymore I have purchased a lot of baby gifts in my lifetime. A few years ago I share a post on ideas for Easter gifts for baby girls. This year I wanted to share a compilation of some of my favorite Easter Basket Ideas for babies that I have either bought for my girls or we have received as gifts. I hope this list can help you when deciding what to get your little one. Be sure to scroll all the way down as I have added some extra fun picks.

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

Easter Basket for babies

More Easter Basket Ideas for Baby Girls

I hope this list is helpful for you when shopping for your baby girl’s Easter Basket.

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