I think peeps are the candy you think of when someone says Easter. They are fluffy, soft, and delicious. I love peeps! But where are your peeps supposed to sleep? That’s right.. In this adorable peep’s house we’re about to make. It’s a spring twist on those fun christmas gingerbread houses. So grab your kids, grab these few ingredients. And let’s get to work building this Easter peep’s house!


Ingredients needed to make an Easter Peep’s house 

4 easy to find ingredients and this house is all set. Some of these things might not be something you already have in your cupboard, but I promise you they are easy to find where you already get your groceries. And are cheap, which is what it’s all about. Easy and convenient.


  • 3 graham crackers broken in half. These can be done with any flavor, or color graham cracker.
  •  Icing. Any kind, or flavor will work with this too.
  • Edible grass. This one isn’t always as easy to find. But if you have shredded coconut you could absolutely dye it green to make your edible grass. Simply toss some cocoanut in a bowl with some food coloring. 
  • Candy for decorating. This one isn’t required, but it’s always more fun to decorate your art work. This is the fun part, you can use just about any candy, m&m’s, jelly beans, or even sprinkles.
  •  Peeps. And of course what would this project be, without our Easter marshmallow treat.

peeps house with graham crackers

How to make an Easter peep’s house


I’m going to show you how to make this adorable Peep’s house. Then I will explain where I went wrong, and how I was able to fix these problems to make this project work for you. 


Step 1: take one half of your graham cracker and lay it down for the bottom of the house. 


Step 2: take another graham cracker half and pipe, or smear with a knife, your icing on 3 sides of the cracker. 


Step 3: place your cracker icing side down so the bare side is facing up. 


Step 4: repeat until 3 sides of your floor piece are covered in icing and graham crackers. 

Letting it set between each side so the icing doesn’t melt and the sides don’t fall apart. 


Step 5: once your 3 walls are all set up, you will take 2 more graham cracker halves and line 2 ends with icing. 


Step 6: lay the iced crackers in a triangle (roof) shape on top of your walls. One side of icing on top of the walls and the other so they are pushed together on the top. 


You can now use your extra icing and candy to decorate your house. 

And place your “grass” inside your house for your peep. 

Don’t forget to add your peep inside as well. 


**An added fun tip for this craft. You could even add a chick peep and make this a chicken coop instead of the bunny peep house** 


Tips and tricks to make this house work


I felt like this was a pinterest fail for me big time. But I learned from the mistakes I made. And I’m here to share them with you so you can make this house without struggle. 


The icing. To start I don’t think I used the incorrect kind of icing. Or maybe I just wasn’t letting it set long enough before moving on. Either way, the walls kept melting and falling apart when doing it. A traditional royal icing would work best here. You want a thicker icing, think of it as the cement to build the walls. 


A special tip too is that if you don’t plan to eat this peep house, and just want it for decoration. You can use a hot glue gun to put the house together. It will stay no problem. Even some of the older kids are able to help with that part. 


Not waiting enough time after this house was built to decorate it. Some kids are just there to decorate after the house is built. If you have those kids, you could always build this house and let it set for 15-20 minutes before letting them have at it. We all know kids aren’t the most patient people. 


 Watch the Video of our Peeps House Fail


@mrsblinks I finally got my Peeps House to stay up #pinterestmomtiktok #pinterestmom #easter #easteractivities ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre


Did this post inspire you to get your kids and make an adorable peep house for your Easter table? Oh didn’t I mention that this would make the cutest, and yummiest table decorations for Easter dinner. YES! 


I shared my downfalls and showed you how to do better when doing this craft. I really hope that I was able to excite you enough about this fun Easter treat to make it. Don’t let the idea and expectation of perfection stop you. Sometimes it’s those imperfect projects that don’t turn out, that make the best long lasting memories. Especially for your kids. 


So get out there. And don’t be afraid to fail when trying this. 


If you made some mistakes when making this, share them with me. I love learning from your sharing. It helps make it better for next time. If you did make this successfully, share it and tag me on Tiktok or Instagram. Seeing what you guys made makes me so happy. 


If you loved this because you love peeps as much as I do. Check out this edible peeps playdough. It’s fun and delicious. 


Have a wonderful Easter!