If you’re looking for a really easy and inexpensive DIY costume idea, this Sesame Street costume idea perfect! With its colorful characters and iconic theme song, Sesame Street has always been a favorite for my girls! And with a little creativity and some simple materials, you can easily transform your little girl into her favorite character from the beloved children’s show. 

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In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create an adorable and inexpensive Sesame Street costume for your little girl that will have her ready to join Elmo, Cookie Monster, and the rest of the gang on their next adventure. 

What You’ll Need for Sesame Street Costumes

Once you choose the character(s) you’re going to make, you just need a few things to make it come to life! First you’ll need a plain t-shirt in the color of your chosen character. We made Elmo, Big Bird, and the Cookie Monster, so we got yellow, blue, and red t-shirts. 

Next, you’ll need felt pieces to make the character’s face and accessories (like Cookie Monster’s cookies and headbands), a headband, scissors to cut out the pieces, and fabric glue to attach them. 

You’ll also need a tutu to match the character’s color. We already had a tutu, but these are really inexpensive as well if you don’t have one.

sesame street costumes

Steps to Make Sesame Street Costumes for Girls

This is such an easy process, you’ll have one of these sesame street costumes put together in just a matter of minutes. Honestly, getting the materials together to get started probably takes more effort! 

  1. You’ll start by cutting the basic shapes for your character out of the felt material. Eyes, mouth, nose, and any accessories they need. Don’t overthink this, they don’t have to be perfect! Don’t forget to cut out any shapes you want to add to the tutu or headband. We made extra cookies for the Cookie Monster costume.
  2. Once you have all your shapes cut out, use the fabric glue to attach them. Then attach any other shapes to the tutu and headband with hot glue. Put it all together and you have the cutest little girl’s Sesame Street Costume!

Video Guide for Making Sesame Street Costumes

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