Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be a lot. I know we’ve talked about the stress of the holidays before. Yes, it can sometimes feel like you’re being pulled in many different directions. Our family loves the Elf on the shelf, but adding new scout elves to the mix can sometimes be overwhelming. I’ve spent plenty of time over the years worrying about where our cute little elves will be next. One of the most helpful things I’ve done to help with that is Elf on the Shelf Accessories & ideas!

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elf on the shelf ideas and accessories

Elf on the Shelf Supplies

Elf on the Shelf Pajamas

These Elf on the Shelf PJs will be a huge hit with your kids! You can pull these out when your Elf on the Shelf makes their arrival for the holiday season! Get them here.

Elf on the Shelf Magnet Set

The Elf on the Shelf’s arrival is exciting, but what’s even more exciting is the countdown to Christmas! This Elf on the Shelf magnet countdown set will be so much fun! Get it here.

Elf Christmas Ornament

This keepsake ornament is a great Christmas Eve gift for your little one to put on the tree before bed! Get it here.

Elf Pets

Oh, the excitement you’ll see on your kids’ faces when they wake up to friends for their Elf on the Shelf! This reindeer comes with a storybook to share! Get it here.


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Elf Accessories

Sometimes our little elf friends need help with ideas on how to surprise the kids. This personalized prop kit comes with 8 Elf accessories. You will add such a special touch to the latest elf shenanigans. Get them here.

Holiday themed Elf Outfits

Some days your elf isn’t feeling their normal red elf suit. They may feel like changing into a fun Christmas outfit. These outfits are the cutest thing! Get them here.

Elf Flex Kit

If you’re looking to take your elf to the next level, this kit is what you need. This kit is designed to give your elves more moves. Get it here.

Elf Dress Up Party Pack

These fun dress up accessories are perfect for suprising your kids with another fun Elf set up! This one comes with accessories for friends of the Elf too! Get them here.

Elf Message Board

Here’s a great way to help your elves enhance their messages to the kids. With this special message board they can wipe and use its again for daily messages! Get it here.

Elf on the shelf door

Sometimes the flight back from the North Pole is a long one, especially after watching for good behavior all day. Your elf is exhausted, but still needs to report back to Santa. With this magical Elf on the shelf door, their travels back will be much easier. Get it here.

Elf on the shelf bed sheets

Christmas decorations don’t stop in the living room or front porch. I love adding some holiday flare to my girls’ room too. I love these sheets because they are so soft and add such fun holiday cheer to their beds. Get them here.

Elf Kitchen Props

These kitchen props are perfect for a creative Elf setup! This comes with over 20 pieces so you can get creative for days on end! Get them here.

Printable Elf Idea Calendar

This is a great way to create experiences leading up to Christmas! Elf calendar that’s full of fun ideas and activities. Perfect way to help your elf plan for their day. Get it here.

Elf on the shelf game

I love being able to incorporate something with our Elf that our girls can interact with. After all, we all know what happens when we touch the Elf. I love that the girls get a chance to touch and play with the elves in this game. Get it here.

I hope you enjoyed these fun ideas and added accessories to help make leading up until Christmas more enjoyable for all.

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