As we opened our eyes that morning, after our first night aboard Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas, we quickly realized that we weren’t moving. The ship docked and we knew that meant we were finally going to see what we have been patiently waiting for. Perfect Day at CocoCay! We opened up the sliding glass door to our balcony and as we peered to the right we saw her, the island filled with vibrant colors and waterslides so tall we couldn’t even believe it. We grabbed our Kortni Jeane Swimsuits and headed out as fast as we could.

Perfect Day at CocoCay totally exceeded our expectations and our day on this island was exactly that, PERFECT! In this post I am going to share everything you need to know about Perfect Day at CocoCay to make your trip to this fantastic island an enjoyable one. I hope our families experience can be of some help to you on your trip to Perfect Day at CocoCay

Getting off the ship

I have been to CocoCay many times before Royal Caribbean’s $200 million renovation. One of the things that I didn’t love was that you had to tender in a boat to and from the Island. It’s time consuming and sometimes comes with long wait times. Well not anymore! Royal Caribbean built a beautiful pier which makes exiting the boat so simple and fast. When we decided to get off the ship we grabbed our set sail pass (you need this guy to get back on) and a towel (there are towel stands on the island but its first come first serve so bringing one from the ship is a good idea) and headed straight to the island. It’s a short walk on the pier but they did have shuttles if you wanted to catch a ride.

Perfect Day at CocoCay pierAs we walked up towards the island we could hear the steel drums and see the beautiful Caribbean dancers. The bright colors, stunning signs, and pristine amenities really shocked me. I expected it to be nice but nothing could really prepare me for how nice it really was. When it was time to leave the island for the day we grabbed a shuttle and were back in our stateroom to shower for dinner in less than 10 minutes. So convenient. Another reason we loved the pier? When the girls headed to Adventure Ocean, Scott and I grabbed our stuff and headed back to the island to do some of the bigger slides, since it was so easy to get on and off we weren’t worried at all about getting back on the ship on time.

INSIDER TIP: There was no one on the island later in the evening (ex: after 5) so head to the slides then for absolutely no wait times (perks of the pier is that you can get there pretty quick). Just keep in mind they will start to shut stuff down about 30 min before you have to be back on the ship

Chill Island

As you walk towards the island you will see the path split. To the right is Thrill and to the left is Chill. If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing day then chill island is your spot but to be honest there is so much more to do than just lounge in a chair all day.

Perfect Day at CocoCayWe headed to Chill Island first (since we knew we wouldn’t be able to get them off the slides once we started). The soft sand beneath our toes and the crystal clear water. It is heaven on earth. All lounge chairs and umbrellas are complementary on the island and I was shocked by the sheer number of them so no need to rush to save your place. I am sure there will be plenty of chairs no matter what time you decide to come to the island. If you are hungry you will find chill grill (also complimentary) on this side of Perfect Day at CocoCay. I love that the eating options are all spread out throughout the island so you don’t have to deal with long wait times to get your lunch.

Captain Jill’s Galleon

Between Thrill and Chill we stumbled upon what my girls call the coolest pirate ship ever.

Perfect Day at CocoCay

This area is perfect for all ages. I loved how even Hazel (3) felt right at home. She could climb up the pirate ship and I could climb up close behind her. I also loved how attentive the lifeguards were, always looking out after the girls and helping them if they needed it. This area is complimentary, with 3 water slides, 16 water cannons, a splash pad (perfect for the itty bitty ones), and so much more. Your kids are going to want to spend hours here because its just so much fun!

Thrill Island

Thrill Island is the part of the Island that comes at an additional cost. As much as I would love to share cost details with you it’s hard because that fluctuates based on season. My advice would be to keep an eye out for specials or package deals and grab it then. I definitely suggest reserving your tickets before you show up to the island, it will help you get right with the fun without the wait. Now to the details, Thrill Island is divided up unto 4 parts, each with something for every part of your family.

  • Daredevils Tower

This is where you will find the tallest waterslide in North America, Daredevils Peak. I didn’t get a chance to try it myself but heard it was a pretty easy ride (if thats such a thing for a slide that 135 feet tall). The one slide that helped me really conquer my fear was Dueling Demons. Two “racing” slides that start with the floor dropping beneath you. I was absolutely terrified  but it ended up being such an adrenaline rush. I was pleasantly surprised there were waterslides for my girls at this tower. Stick to the right for the three smaller slides that my two girls rode about 50 times each!


  • Adventure Pool

An obstacle course style pool where kids (and big kids too) can test their skills.

Perfect Day at CocoCay


  • Wave Pool

This wave pool was so much fun and my girls kept asking to go back throughout the day. Make sure you grab those life vests though because the waves were pretty intense for even my strong swimmers. I loved how it was zero entry so the little ones could stay shallow with a little fun splash pad section.

Cococay wave pool


  • Splash Summit

This part of Thrill Island has one of my favorite slides of the day, The Slingshot. This zero-gravity slide for 4 caught be completely off guard. Lucille (6) loved the Manta Racers, 4 forward facing slides where friends can race. Spoiler alert: the parents always win ;)

The Twister was another fun one that Lucille loved. A tube slide that we could ride together.

Perfect Day at CocoCay


INSIDER TIP: Make sure you check height requirements before you wait in line. The slingshot and Twister have height requirements as well as some of the slides on Daredevils  Tower.

Splashaway Bay

Ok so I was totally shocked to find out that Splashaway Bay, one of the coolest splash parks for kids is totally complimentary. You might recognize the name because Royal Caribbean added these water parks to many of their ships. Well this one is bigger and better than ever. Geysers, drench buckets and 5 water slides which are perfect for little ones.

splashaway bayHazel (3) was running up and sliding down most of the day. The slides were the perfect size for her. Good news is Splashaway Bay is right next to Skippers Grill (lunch) so you don’t need to go very far after your little ones worked up an appetite.

Splashaway bay

Up Up and Away

This helium balloon can go up to 450 feet in the air to give you views of the island that will take your breath away. Talk about a photo opp! This attraction does have an additional cost. try finding a bundle deal with Thrill Island and The zip line for the best deal.

Perfect Day at CocoCay



Oasis Lagoon

Scott and I didn’t get much time to “Chill” this go round but this is on the top of our list for our next visit. This is the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean and has a little something or everyone. Hang with the family in the zero entry section or grab a cocktail at the swim up bar. This is another part of the island that is complementary.

Perfect Day at CocoCay

Zip Line

This 1600 foot long zip line course crosses the island and comes with thrills and breathtaking views of the island. This attraction does have an additional cost.


There are 3 complimentary dining options on Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Skippers Grill – next to splashaway bay

Chill Grill – on chill island

Snack Shacks – 3 scattered around the island

I found the food to be phenomenal. Not only do they have the hot dogs and hamburgers (typical yes but so so tasty) but they have an entire salad section which Scott and I loved and I also tried the Cuban sandwich and Scott had a grilled portobello sandwich and both were pretty amazing. I was so shocked to see there were no crowds when we went to eat (one of my biggest complaints abut the pre-renovated CocoCay). I also loved how the food was so close to the action so the kids could run back and forth easily.

One of the dining options that has al a carte pricing is Captain Jacks. Scott and I ended up grabbing the wings since we heard so much about them. They did not disappoint. If you are a chicken wing lover you need to try them! Captain Jacks is such a cute area on the Island with live music, yummy drinks, and some cute swing chairs.


INSIDER TIP: If you purchase the beverage package onboard you can use it while at Perfect Day at CocoCay! Try their signature island drink the Coco Loco!


Coming Soon

On our visit there were still parts of the island that were under construction not completed. Two attractions coming in December of 2019 will be South Beach Club and the overwater cabanas. I can wait to go back at the end of the year to check them out!

South beach Cococay


There you go! There is a full recap of our day at Perfect Day at CocoCay! I hope this post was helpful. Do you have any questions about the island or what to expect? Leave them in the comments below and I will get to them ASAP.


A huge Thank You to Royal Caribbean for hosting us and to Kortni Jeane for the amazing swimsuits.

Here is a video of Lucille and I trying all of the 21 slides around the entire island. We didn’t quite get to them all but we had a blast trying.


But if you want a full tour of the island than this is the video for you. Watch our full day recap here:


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