Halloween is a big deal around my house and so is creating a family Halloween costume. We prepare for months, brainstorming ideas and finding the pieces to make everything come together. It’s so much fun planning and preparing for our family Halloween costumes each year. Even more fun after we make our videos and take the final pictures. Follow along with us as we go through the Family Halloween Costume ideas we’ve had since 2014. I hope you find inspiration to make your family costume this year.

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The Little Mermaid Costume – 2014

Our very first family Halloween costume and maybe my favorite. My oldest daughter was really into The Little Mermaid and so I knew it was an obvious choice when picking our family Halloween costume. I purchased some things, but I also love adding my unique touch to make a bit different. We also found the dinglehopper on our trip to Disney so that made my daughter’s Ariel costume that much better. Here’s more on the The Little Mermaid Family Halloween Costume .

Alice in Wonderland Costume – 2015

The next year was a bit tricky when picking our family Halloween costume. I was pregnant! I had to really think about what costume would fit my growing belly. For a while, we tried to think of a costume to incorporate my pregnancy but I was still early on and it didn’t really work out. My daughters had watched Alice In Wonderland a few times and when I mentioned this costume idea they were ecstatic. Here are more details on our Alice in Wonderland family Halloween costume.

Peter Pan and the Neverland Family Costume – 2016

family peter pan halloween costume

With 3 little girls, I had to really think about a costume that would have at least 2 “girl roles”. My litt3eslesy didn’t really care when we dressed her in but my two oldest were bickering over most of our family Halloween costume ideas. Funny enough this year was the year Frozen came out but I was determined to find something different than every other family in the world. I came across the idea of Peter Pan and it fit perfectly! Read more on the Family from Neverland Halloween Costume

Grease Halloween Costume – 2017

family grease halloween costume

So the inspiration this year came from one simple thing. Hazel’s wig! Hahaha! I am not kidding. I saw this wig and the sandy costume and I had to dress her in it. I created all of our costumes around that. Again it was another family costume that had multiple girl roles so I could make everyone happy. More on the Grease Inspired Halloween Costume.

The Greatest Showman Halloween Costume – 2018

Greatest Showman Halloween Family Costumes

This costume was maybe my most difficult to execute. I was surprised that after this movie is such a huge hit there were no Halloween costumes for it anywhere. I had to piece things together to really pull off this family Halloween costume and I am so happy I did. This was my family’s favorite and we talked about it all year long! Read more about The Greatest Showman Halloween Costume.

Hocus Pocus Family Costume – 2019

Hocus Pocus Family costumes

I’ve always dreamed of dressing up my 3 girls up as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. Waiting for them to be a bit older, so they could watch and enjoy the movie. This year I was finally going to get the Hocus Pocus Family Halloween Costume I have always dreamed of, but it wasn’t easy. Read more about our Hocus Pocus Family Halloween Costume here.

Broadway Musical Hamilton Costume – 2020

Hamilton the Musical Family Costume

My girls have watched Hamilton so many times that they have memorized most of the songs. This costume was so much fun for us to put together and was certainly fun to reenact scenes and songs together. If you’re looking for a great group effort, we hope you use this to create your own Hamilton the Musical Family Costume this year.

Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costume – 2021

DIY Sleeping Beauty family halloween costume

We went with a costume from one of my all time favorite Disney movies, Sleeping Beauty. Read along to see how we put together the ultimate Sleeping Beauty Family Halloween Costumes.

Willy Wonka Halloween Costumes – 2022

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was one of my favorite movies growing up. We all agreed that this was not only a classic, but the characters were so much fun. Follow the link to see how we put together this Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Family Costume.

What should will we be in 2023?

We’re not exactly sure what next Halloween has in store for us, but I would love to hear your creative suggestions. Come over and say Hello on Instagram. I post tons of Halloween costume inspiration there and would love to hear your ideas too! Maybe you’ll be the inspiration for our next family Halloween costumes!

What are your family plans for this Halloween?  We would love to hear your inspiration in the comments below.

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